15 Times Snooki Was Your Spirit Animal

If there is one reality star you either loved or hated it is Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi. She shot to fame almost instantly on the hit show Jersey Shore on MTV and she became a household name almost over night.

Known for being an insane party girl, turned fitness lover and mom, she has changed quite a bit over the years. While some people genuinely can’t believe the transformation she’s made (because it was really drastic), she’s always been someone we can relate to. Even if you’re in disbelief that the former wild child, she actually represents every type of woman.

1. She is confident in who she is!

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Part of what makes Snooki so awesome and relatable is that she owns who she is. Even when the world is against her, she always stays true to herself and is confident in who she is.  We can all be a little bit more like that.

2. She is the type of woman who calls you out for being rude or hurtful.

She’s never been the type to bite her tongue and remain silent when something is wrong. Whether it’s to stand up for herself or the one’s she loves, she doesn’t hold back and makes it known that you were in the wrong.

3. She always believes it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

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Okay, sometimes she goes a little extreme when she drinks, but who doesn’t? We’ve all been there. But almost every woman can’t deny that sometimes a little alcohol goes a long way.

4. She is loyal to the ones she loves.


And she will go to war for those people, there’s no denying it.

5. She’s also a woman who can turn on you just as fast when she needs to.

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Don’t believe me? Ask her enemies. Because once her trust has been broken, so is her friendship.

6. She’s awkward when it comes to love.

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Who isn’t?

7. She absolutely loves some drama.

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I mean, we’re women. We’d be lying if we said a little drama didn’t excite us, right? Even if it makes her mad, she’s always down to listen to other peoples gossip and remember it for later.

8. She can pack a punch when she needs to.

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Okay, so violence is never the answer, but sometimes you have to defend yourself when it comes down to it. Let’s be real, we’ve all had a situation go out of hand to where things get physical.

9. She’s loved someone who hasn’t loved her back.

It hurts getting your heart broken, especially by someone you really like. But, like the rest of us, she’s gotten over it after having some time to herself.

10. She loves her friends and gets excited when they actually want to do what she wants to for once.

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Part of being a woman means slightly being more accommodating than others, so when our suggestion is accepted it’s a huge deal! And she makes sure to show her appreciation proudly.

11. She knows her worth.

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We all watched her “snooking” for love, and all saw the many failed attempts at finding it. Despite meeting plenty of other guys that didn’t make the cut, she never settled and kept trying without being discouraged.

12. She has worked hard to improve herself and change her image.

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Don’t get me wrong, she remains true to herself, but she has transformed flawlessly into motherhood. And she continues to work on herself to better her and her family.

13. She has a dirty mind.

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You are lying to yourself if you don’t know a single woman with a dirty mind. The only difference is she says the naughty thoughts out loud.

14. She is unapologetic and honest.

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She really doesn’t care what you think, what you say or what you think she should do with her life. She does things for her and no one else. We all need to have more of this attitude.

15. She just wants to have a good time.

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And who doesn’t these days!? We all do, life is too short to not enjoy yourself.

So really, Snooks is just a regular old gal like the rest of us. She just wants to enjoy herself, continue to love everyone (including herself) and be her normal self without fear. The trashy moments from her youth are behind her and the future is bright with opportunities for her, and it’ll only mean the same for us too. Who would have ever thought we’d be so similar to Snooki from Jersey Shore?

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