Here’s How Easy It Is To Make Money Off Your Old Clothes On Poshmark

I was getting ready to move out of my first ever apartment when I realized that my walk-in closet was jam-packed with boxes of clothes that I haven’t worn in 4 years (yes I brought it all to college with me), or maybe even not at all; so many tops still had tags on them. Don’t get me wrong, these clothes are all super cute, and were trendy at some point, but there’s just no way for my busty little ladies up top to fit soundly in ANYTHING that was discovered in that closet.

After doing some research between selling to Plato’s Closet, the clothing drop-boxes in the area and the gigantic GoodWill around the corner, I thought I’d take a stab at Plato’s closet. I mean, it couldn’t hurt – most of the items were trendy before and still had tags! But the really nice ladies at Plato’s had their hands full the day I stopped by and took a peek in my bag and decided ruffled skirts just weren’t going to sell from their store since the trends were no longer in fashion (again, pretty understandable).

From Plato’s closet I stuffed the bags back in my closet deciding that I’d pack up the clothes in smaller bags and drop them in a donation box at some point when I had “free time.” Alas, my procrastination hadn’t lead me back to the boxes just yet. I had an epiphany one bright and early morning while deleting spammy emails… I sold a necklace on Poshmark during freshman year at college, and another one on Vinted, why not check those out again?

Apparently Vinted had changed a lot in my absence so I decided to go back to Poshmark which still held all of my previous unsold listings. Quickly, I actually made my first sale (second compared to my first-first a few years before but right here, right now we’ll refer to this as the first, of many). In my cute little package I include a little handwritten thank you card, a valentine packet of glow-in-the-dark stars, a business card for my It Works store, and a sticker with a 25% discount for Sand Cloud Towel Co. and that buyer gave me a 5 star rating, which made me smile from ear to ear!

Not only did that purchase and amazing review boost my confidence, it also helped promote me on the app! My new-found confidence allowed me to learn and grow within the app, sharing and commenting replies left and right. Growing my follower list really opened up my closet to so many new eyes that just kept coming. I kept posting items, sharing those items, following new users, and sharing their items nonstop no matter how boring it got. I figured that the process was working, so why not keep it going. And if it didn’t help me in the end, at least I had a huge following. So I waited. Upon some skim shopping of different searches, I’d find myself following and sharing some users with similar items to me and my sales started to pick up.

I noticed a My Posh Stats section in the app that I thought would be interesting and when I checked it out, I found a bunch of goals.Some of these goals were pretty easy to hit since they had to do with posting and sharing listings and leaving a love note on someone else’s listing, while some others presented a challenge that I didn’t even realize I was trying to accomplish.

This whole process was so much easier than I had imagined; post, share, follow, share, repeat. I still have boxes and boxes of unpacked clothes in my closets that I’m eager to sell before graduating this upcoming spring, but a notification just came in recently: “You’re invited to be a part of the Posh Ambassador Program!”


Amongst my mutual following and sharing, I had made my way up to become a Poshmark Ambassador. This rank opens my Posh Closet up to so many more shoppers with their algorithm’s configuration and helps me gain more sales while reaching out to many other Posh Ambassadors, or former Suggested Users. I’m beyond proud of what I’ve done and where I’ve come and I cannot wait to see how this goes in the spring! Happy Poshing!

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash




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