What Its Like To Feel At Home In His Arms

Recently I began thinking about where I belong in this world. Where it is I find myself most often thinking about, and where I feel the safest. I realized that between the constant moves and the rollercoaster that have been my life, the one place I felt the greatest sense of belonging, the place I felt protected from all my fears, was in the arms of the man I had fallen in love with. Maybe home doesn’t always have to some place, but it can be someone. That feeling may not last forever, but even just being able to feel it for a moment can be comforting. This poem is an attempt to put all of that into words.

Finding Home

He clasped his hand over mine,
sending a sudden tingle down my spine,
Forest green eyes,
stared deeply into my espresso gaze as time surrounding us,
begins to fade,

Because in his forest,
I saw a storm of passion and a sea of tears,

A lamp of love, and a battle of fears,

I had found what I had been searching for all those years,
amongst all my tears.

The chance to finally call him mine

My heart felt torn, but convinced
That despite the thorn he had marked it with,
Our love was anything but a myth.

And on this cold night,
I felt my heart glow,
as the iced edges around it,
melted, and began to flow,
in a steady stream of tears,
I finally released all my fears.

I found my place,
In his arms and in his kisses,
In the soft whispers, that promised me I’d be his Mrs.
And in the warmth of his arms, and the scent of his neck,
In his passionate touch, and soulful eyes,
I found everything that I had been looking for.

In him, I found myself home.  

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