A College Student Uses Bumble To Save Her Puppy’s Life

FSU student DiMarie Lord adopted a puppy 3 months ago, preparing for a life full of fluffy kisses and puppy cuddles. Unfortunately, her worst nightmare came true. Blizzard, the Maltese puppy, was diagnosed with a developmental issue called a liver shunt, which is a very expensive procedure. Unfortunately, it’s a birth defect that couldn’t be detected until after signs of symptoms.

DiMarie, as a self-sustaining college student, did what any other Millennial would do in a time like this- created an online fund at YouCaring (an internet donation hub like GoFundMe). Lord’s YouCaring was spread across all of her social media platforms, but wasn’t getting the attention she hoped it would receive. In a last ditch effort to get the help her puppy needs, she thought outside of the box.


Lord made a new Bumble account, and sent her YouCaring link to everyone she matched with in hopes that someone would either spread the link or donate what they can. Not surprisingly, she received some mixed reviews.

Above is her bio, which very clearly states her intentions of being on Bumble.

This was her first response.

The responses Lord received varied. Some of the boys expressed their condolences, and even sent a few dollars her way. Others, not so much.


As of right now, the goal for Lord’s YouCaring is still low. If you would like to donate or share the link for this cause, click HERE! 

Featured image and content photos via DiMarie Lord


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