The Real Reason You Like Veronica More Than Betty On ‘Riverdale’

Admit it, at first you were kind of hesitant to start Riverdale. You either thought it was a kids show because you read the comics growing up and realized that no overly dramatic/crazy stories ever came from it or thought it would be a total teeny bopper show. But boy were we wrong!

The show is extremely successful because the storyline is so intense and detailed. The writers on the show have done such a fantastic job at creating plot twists and really winding our emotions up. We’ve all screamed at our screens at least once, right?

Two of the most loved characters on the show are Betty and Veronica. They go from besties to frenemies.. We can’t help but be jealous of their friendship (and relationships). But can we really decide on who we like more?

The truth is you probably like Veronica more than Betty because as a character she’s desirable. She’s hot, she holds her own, she’s fierce and overall she’s the type of woman most wish they could be. We all wish we were as bold and courageous as her, yet mysterious and effortlessly sexy.

Veronica can literally do no wrong. She’s trying to overcome her dark family reputation and make a positive change. She has this radiant confidence to stand up to whoever she pleases and she doesn’t even bat an eyelash.

You like Veronica because she is the woman you wish you could be.

It’s not to say that we don’t like Betty, because we do! There’s so much to be jealous of. The reason we don’t like her as much as Veronica is because we mainly like her for her background story.

The whole relationship she had with her sister is relatable; they’re close, one pulls away, and she has a loyalty to her but feels guilty about knowing things the others don’t. Heck, her oddly dysfunctional family is so common and the issues we have with our loved ones. We see her and we can relate to struggling to meet our families expectation and having an intense amount of pressure on her.

The storyline surrounding Betty’s mental illness is so valid. There’s something unidentifiable about her, she knows she’s different, but what’s so off about her?

What’s also super relatable about Betty is her relationship with Jughead. We see them go from total opposites who have a bond as close as anything, to their worlds being completely separated and she feels like she has to change herself to get back in his life. All women have conformed themselves and their interests to keep up with a guy at one point; there’s no shame in admitting that. So watching Betty’s story with Jughead hits close to home for many.

I read the comics very consistently for years, and I have got to say, individually the writers of the show nailed the personalities of the characters in the television series (minus the whole Dark Betty thing). But it does appear that the leading ladies will start truly competing for the man of their dreams, Archie, and I can’t wait to see who the real winner is.

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