6 Ways To Celebrate Extraterrestrial Culture Day Today

The second Tuesday of February is a very interesting day to look out for; unless you hate Tuesdays, then I’m sorry. Tuesday, February 13, 2018 in particular is Extraterrestrial Culture Day.

This date is meant to celebrate and honor all past, present, and future alien visitors. The day supposedly was coined back in 2003 by Daniel Foley, from Roswell, New Mexico hoping to gain some tourism and attention to New Mexico.The latest season of The X-Files is almost finished, and with our final goodbyes to Scully (Gillian Anderson), it’s important that we do it right. Here are a few ways you can step out of your way to honor this Extraterrestrial Culture Day.

  1. Catch up on the Alien and Predator Movie series

While fictional, Alien and Predator have been around for quite some time now. From the big screen, to our home televisions, and now in all sorts of video game franchises, these two carry a lot about the fearful side of extraterrestrial culture that many have come to know and love.

  1. Snack on some Alien Shaped Candies

Alien candies are always a great idea – in normal doses, don’t give yourself a tummy ache. From little alien head shaped candies to mini flying saucer chocolates, there are all sorts of flavors and types to fit your fancy.

  1. Remember That Scary E-T ride? Relive it!

If you’re close to a Disney theme park, why not use your annual pass that’s been collecting dust and take a day trip? The E-T ride may have scared off a few young children in our days growing up, but we’re much bigger now, and able to knock him out of his silly basket if we need to. If the parks aren’t near you, or you’re not feeling up to bullying some animatronics today, grab some popcorn and set up your VHS player and watch it instead.

  1. Watch for Some Aliens

If you’re out west in the New Mexican desert or you’re looking for a roadtrip, why not go in search of the strange lights out by Area 51. Now, I’m not saying you should do anything illegal, I’m simply suggesting you roadtrip out near “the black mailbox” or anywhere that’s legal for you to be, but you can still watch for some interesting phenomena. If you don’t find anything crazy, you can easily find some shooting stars to wish on for sure with those open skies.

  1. Binge-Watch the X-Files

Would it really be Extraterrestrial Culture Day without a little X-Files? There are plenty of old seasons to catch up on with the same nostalgia that come from watching Scooby Doo in Middle school. Why not do some catching up with the partners and the Smoking Man? They’re all still in the new season!

  1. Host an Alien Themed Party

There are all sorts of alien head and flying saucer items in party/craft stores. Run to the dollar store and pick up some glow sticks and some chocolate chip mint ice cream and some silver holographic glitter, and you have a great party set up on your hands.

Today may be a normal day like any other for most, but for those who wish to continue sharing beliefs and passions, it’s the perfect day for you to shine! For Exterrestrial Culture Day you could try all sorts of things and try looking at all the conspiracies or Buzzfeed Unsolved episodes, but for now, I hope my list helps you plan out your Tuesday!

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