The 30 Day Blogger Challenge You Need To Try

Blogging can be quite the difficult habit to get into. In fact, it’s become so common to make a career out of blogging, whether it be via YouTube, online blog forums or Instagram. While creating content for YouTube seems a lot easier, the written word technique can be very frustrating to maintain.

It’s hard to have your own unique touch that makes you desirable to the readers, and ideas for content run out rather quickly. You want to maintain the amount you are posting but it gets hard once you run out of ideas. You can pre-plan all you want but writers block still gets the best of us.

To help avoid the frustration of trying to find content to post, and after a while of having writer’s block myself, I created a blogger challenge. You don’t necessarily have to post each thing every single day, but this challenge prompts your mind into getting a few ideas. The idea is to get writers to write something at least once a day for 30 days and to provide them with some ideas and easy articles to write when they need inspiration.

Day 1: Break outside your traditional material and share some basic facts about yourself to get the reader to know you on a more personal level.

Day 2: 10 things you like or 10 things you dislike. It could be a random assortment of products, habits people have or just a mixture of anything.

Day 3: What a normal day looks like for you and why a routine is important (or why you don’t feel the need to follow one).

Day 4: How to select a social media handle. Tips on why you chose yours, what doesn’t work for a handle, etc.

Day 5: 5 places you want to visit and what attractions you want to do when you are there.

Day 6: What musical group/artist means the most to you and why? (Could include a list of their best or most meaningful songs to you).

Day 7: 4 things you wish you could say to people and why.

Day 8: The most random pet peeves you can think of.

Day 9: What social etiquette is important to you and why.

Day 10: Drinks to order at the bar if you are unsure what to get.

Day 11: What is your favorite quote and why? What has it done for you in life?

Day 12: 4 confessions you’d like to make.

Day 13: Screenshot conversations you have with people and reflect on your friendship with that person.

Day 14: Post 5 pictures of 5 different celebrity crushes and explain why you like them and what movie/tv show/event made you fall in love with them.

Day 15: Create the dream qualities you wish to find in someone one day and whether you think they are realistic or not.

Day 16: If you could rethink your entire career path, what would you choose and how would you get there?

Day 17: List a few TV shows you got hooked to and which episode you realized you were addicted.

Day 18: What are essential products in your life you absolutely need in order to function?

Day 19: List of all the concerts you’ve been to and a rank them from worst to best, with an explanation.

Day 20: Biggest turn ons and turn offs.

Day 21: Reflect on an old relationship or two and identify issues within the relationship that made you change your views or what you look for in a new partner.

Day 22: A random letter to any person of your choice, expressing anything you’d like.

Day 23: Random thoughts you have about different topics (ex. What it would be like to know a murderer personally or would you get sick of the beach if you lived literally right next to one).

Day 24: Throwback songs your parents loved that you love now too.

Day 25: The importance of certain people in your life.

Day 26: Moments you wish you could go back to and could change what you or how you would do things differently. .

Day 27: Take pictures of your handwriting where you wrote certain quotes or phrases and show off your different writing styles.

Day 28: Do you make wishes on 11:11, or with a fallen eyelash, etc.? If so, what do you wish for?

Day 29: Post a picture of you from 10 years ago and explain how would you describe your past self?

Day 30: If you could move to a new city for a year, where would it be and why?

Obviously, if you want to post every single day you can, that’s a perfect challenge to take upon yourself! But like I mentioned earlier, it’s just to help you get some content out of your brain and into a document for you to post when you feel like you are lacking.

Happy writing and good luck!

Photo by Mikayla Mallek on Unsplash


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