A True KUWTK Fan’s Reaction To The Kylie Announcement Video

Alas, the rumors have been laid to rest in the story of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy.

Kylie herself took to Instagram to post a personal message to her fans explaining that she wanted to keep this private because she knew how stressful it would have been for her and the baby. She followed with a video highlighting everything from the story of how she found out and even the delivery.

She’s 20 and she made the decision entirely on her own to do what she had to do to keep this baby healthy. It’s noticeable she gets overwhelmed with the media coverage on her, and this was the first mature parenting decision she made. She restored my faith in her parenting ability by this small yet powerful decision.

The video itself was better than any recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

At first it was so odd seeing Kylie pregnant. I never thought she would be so vulnerable in that state because remaining private about certain things is truly important to her. So it was odd to see her bare bump and all.

It also hit you when her best friend Jordyn said, “When you’re 20 years old, you’re figuring out your life. You don’t know what you want. You’re an indecisive teen becoming an adult, but there was one thing you’re mom knew for sure… and that was you,” we all felt hit with emotion.

It’s true for so many women, we don’t know many life decisions but for so many of us we automatically know for sure we want to become mothers. We might not know how to get there but we know we want that journey somewhere along the ride, much like with Kylie.

It showed a more vulnerable and normal version of Jenner. We’re used to her over the top lifestyle but this video showed her being as normal as ever. We saw her showing family members sonograms and at the doctors, we saw a noticeably less elaborate than expected nursery, and even an intimate baby shower. It wasn’t underwhelming in the least, it was heartwarming.

One of the most touching and surprising parts of the 11 minute mini documentary was the scene where Kylie was meeting her latest niece, Chicago “Chi” West with her half-sister Kim talking to her about babies, her half-brother Rob and his daughter Dream Kardashian looking on as well. It was another unscripted, candid moment between the siblings and it was just normal. It proved that they still have their regular family moments.

Another was what occurred in the delivery room. From a proud Kendall looking on from a bedside table while on FaceTime, pregnant half-sister Khloe and daddy-to-be Travis Scott looking nervously from aside and proud momager Kris encouraging her daughter. Hearing the baby cry was just… So personal and beautiful even though we didn’t see a thing.

We didn’t get a name quite yet from the new mom and dad, but my speculation is that it’s going to be Butterfly. I couldn’t help but notice the room decorations in the nursery, the zoom in on the butterfly necklace she was wearing in multiple clips, the fact she and Travis have matching butterfly tattoos and his song Butterfly Effect. Nothings confirmed, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Although us fans were genuinely left in the dark throughout everything, within that 11 minute video we felt as if we were there the entire time. It was tastefully done and very vulnerable. I’m glad she made the kept this private and unveil the news in such a uniquely peaceful way.

Congrats to the newest Jenner in the squad and I look forward to seeing this beautiful baby girl grow on whatever reality show they choose to show her on next!

Here is the video in case you haven’t seen it yet:


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