3 Reasons You Love Sleeping On Your Side

Have you ever asked yourself why you like sleeping on your side? Of course, we all have our specific tastes which make us prefer specific sleeping postures. I love sleeping on one side (preferably the left side) because I feel it helps me fall asleep quickly. It also gives me just the right kind of comfort!

I’ve even discovered that the rise in the number of side sleepers has grown over the years. So, what do we love most about this sleeping position?

1. It Stops Snoring

Snoring has always been a huge issue, both for my partner and me. While we found no problem through our snoring, the neighbors had a tough time trying to catch some sleep. Of course, we tried various sleeping medications which worked but not for long. Also, we researched different types of mattress companies and we found out that most companies are taking time to produce a comfortable side sleeping mattress for their clients.
However, one day, we decided to seek the advice of a sleeping expert. Here, we learned that our sleeping position was the main ‘culprit’ behind our loud snores. Besides, we even found out that a posture like sleeping on your back worsens snoring and aggravates conditions such as sleep apnea.

2. It Can Eliminate Heartburn/Indigestion

I hate suffering from heartburn because it makes me feel as if my chest is burning up. Well, you wouldn’t want to take such a feeling to bed right? In this case, several studies show that once we sleep on our side, we’re reducing the terrible heartburn symptoms.
Doctors even advised us to sleep specifically on the left side instead of the right. They add that the right side can make the uncomfortable effects worse! So, if you’re having problems trying to alleviate such an awful condition, it’s time for you to start sleeping on your side. Eventually, I’m sure you’ll love the results.

3. It’s Good For The Spine

Do you wake up with back pains? Well, this is quite common for back and stomach sleepers. I used to also wake up with a painful lower back. Most mornings, I struggled to stand up, and once I did, you could hear a loud cracking sound. Shockingly, I later found out that the sound was my spine getting back into shape. Apparently, my sleeping posture was not giving it the right alignment. However, by sleeping on your side, you play a significant part in returning the spine to its natural position.

Besides, if you spend a lot of hours sitting in an office typing or doing clerical work, it’s better for you to sleep on your side. It’s quite surprising to find secretaries and accountants sleeping on their stomach. If you’re one of them, I’ll honestly tell you that it’s one of the worst postures for your spine. It leaves it unsupported plus it also introduces an unusual curve. In the end, you’ll end up being admitted to hospital because of back complications!

I came across a 2015 study that showed that sleeping on our side helps us in keeping our brains healthy and improves the digestion process. While I was a bit skeptic with the report, I realized that it’s entirely accurate. Certain crucial activities go on in our bodies while we sleep and by sleeping on the side, we’re merely helping the body carry them out.

All in all, if you’re not a side sleeper yet, then I hope these reasons will convince you to adopt the sleeping posture. As you can see, it’s not only comfortable but also plays a huge role in giving you a healthy and long life!

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