F*ck The Haters: Never Change For Anyone But Yourself

In school, I had good friends. One friend in particular was abnormally quiet and our classmates would often make fun of her. As we grew older, her and I stayed the same; quiet as ever. But I, unlike her, was always embarrassed of how shy and quiet I was. My friend seemed to own who she was, no matter what others thought of her. I asked her how she could be so confident in herself when it seemed like the world was always pressuring her to act differently. This is what she told me:

I loved who I was, but no one else seemed to love me,
so I tried to change for them.
But, I hated my life.
I hated being someone I wasn’t.
It sickened me that I wasn’t being true to who I was.
I hated looking in the mirror at the girl who was trying to please everyone but herself.
I could not go on like that,
so I went back to the person I was,
and the world hated me for it.

They wanted me to be like them.
But, I do not seek the spotlight,
and I use my words with care.
That lifestyle is contagious and I do not want to catch the bug.

Being shy is to be reserved about oneself.
I am simply reserved around other people.
I do not impose others with random facts about my life,
I try to ask them questions about theirs and get to know them.
Instead of blabbing to everyone I meet, I listen.
I listen to people intently, without distractions,
and I love that about myself.
I am confident that I don’t need to change because someone else thinks I’m too quiet.
Being shy doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything to say,
it just means that I am waiting for the right moment to speak.
I value my words and myself,
I don’t need to be like everyone else to be happy
because I am content as I am,
and you should be too.

My friend is a hero and my idol. She is confident in herself and loves the person she is, no matter what. Be like her and not like me. Forget about what everyone else has to say about you; be yourself and love who you are, no matter what.

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