If She Could, She’d Make Your Happiness Her Happiness

If she could, she’d make you fall in love with her.

It may be incredibly selfish, but she would. She would make you love her. There is nothing she wants more in this world then to have you look at her with those deep green eyes the same way her deep green eyes look at you.

Your love would be special and you would know it. The sun would remind you of her. Because like the sun, she’s always constant and  comes back the next day, no matter what. You would appreciate that.

If she could, she’d make you fall in love with the sound of her name.

You would hear her name every time someone spoke of love. Or get that big, stupid, amazing smile across your face the moment her name escaped your lips.

Your friends would know about her. You wouldn’t be able to shut up about her. Your friends would be sick of hearing about her, but would love it when she’s around.

If she could, she would make you care about her.

You would actually want to know about her day. Every single detail without any eye rolls or tuning her out.

You would be happy to have dinner at her mama’s house. The two of you would share a few laughs and before the night was over, you’d thank her mama for raising an amazing daughter. You’d also be happy to introduce her to your mama.

It’s so vivid, she can clearly see it. And like you, this fantasy is perfection.

But, love is a choice. For your sake and her sanity, I advised her to let you love whomever you choose; even if it isn’t her.

If she could, she would make her happiness your happiness.

But it isn’t. You left her the moment you had the chance. She doesn’t blame or hate you for it. In fact, she may love you even more now. She’d rather live in a pool of her broken heart’s own blood knowing that you’re happy, than make you unhappy in a relationship with her.

This doesn’t mean that moving on will be easy. This just means that as she walks this earth alone, always looking for someone like you, she’ll know you’ll be happier than she could have ever made you. And that bitter-sweet fact is what keeps her from wishing that she could make you fall in love with her.

Featured Image from Unsplash


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