7 Struggles Everyone With A Clingy Friend Can Understand

As a millennial, our time is very precious. Like, very precious. And sometimes we get overly busy, which is totally normal at this stage of life. We might go weeks without having a night to ourselves, and we crave time away from tasks or people. But everybody has that one person in their lives that no matter how hard you try to hint, they just don’t get that you need your space.

Here are the struggles everyone has when dealing with a clingy person.

When they remind you every chance they can that they want to see you.

It doesn’t matter if they just saw you last night or it’s been 5 days. If you are a busy person, which most people are these days, it’s hard to give it your all to someone when you have so many responsibilities. The more stressed you are the more annoying this becomes.

When they give their opinion on every single aspect of your life if it doesn’t involve them.

If they get upset that they aren’t included in your plans which could be as simple as going to your cousins baby shower they start bashing your hype for the event because they want to go to. And it’s not always appropriate for them to come, and you feel they don’t get that.

When they know you have plans with someone else or other people and show up at the location where they know you’ll be.

In friend groups it’s normal to have a hangout spot or a favourite place to be, but you don’t always want them knowing your there. This is why we always have to be careful with what information we give to some people and why you should always watch what you say in public. You never know who could be around.

When you just want to have quality time with someone else or intimate time, they miraculously show up.

We’re allowed to have friendships with other people that aren’t in our traditional friend group, and that’s okay. It’s understandable they always want to be included, but you just need some time with another person for a change of pace or an opportunity for them to have conversations they might not have with someone else around.

When you feel the built up anger and are getting ready to explode in a volcanic outburst.

You normally don’t actually let it out in front of them because you know their intentions are pure, but you still yell when you see their name on your phone again with the same type of message. You’re just overwhelmed with everything and they aren’t helping with your mood.

When your other friends notice how invasive they’re getting and they start getting on your team.

You don’t even need to complain to these friends for them to see that you need your space for a while. If it bugs them enough or notice your that bothered by them, they will stand up for you and it might get ugly.

But regardless, you do still love this person even though they are a little too invasive.

You can’t just seem to get away from each other, and you accept them for their flaws like they accept you for yours. And that’s what friendship is!

Even if you’re frustrated with the Patrice in your life, just remember they value you on a whole other level, and they just want to be there for you and support you as best as they can. Don’t be afraid to gently tell them you need some space or really make an effort to minimize your time with them, so they don’t get so mad at you and annoy you even more.

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