See How The Floribama Shore Cast Compares To The Jersey Shore

In a time where we were starting to get bored of our long-running TV guilty pleasures, MTV came in and developed a new show for us to be secretly obsessed with: Floribama Shore.

It takes place along the Floribama shoreline (shocking) which is between Alabama and Florida. The show’s premiere was full of everything from first dates to first impressions, peeing a bed and a sunscreen explosion. So needless to say, it’ll give the JShore cast a run for their money.

How do they compare to the original cast though? Well, it’s pretty easy!

Kortni is the new Snooki.

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Based off of her first impression she had every right to earn her nickname of “Krazy Kortni”. She’s the baby of the group but definitely is the biggest personality. I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes an outcast for a bit like Snooks was, but will definitely become a core member of the family (and the drama).

Gus is the new Pauly.

He’s definitely a party boy with a great looking body, big and perfected hair, and a normal personality. He doesn’t seem to like drama just like Pauly but he definitely has the ability to get whatever woman he wants. The only difference between the two is that Gus actually wants to settle down with a woman he wants. But I’m sure he’ll settle for a few one-night stands to fill the void.

Nilsa is the new Jenni.

Remember when Jwoww said “I will literally rip their heads off,” during the show opening? That sums up Nilsa. She goes for what she wants and never gives up until she has it. She’s a party girl with a tough attitude but a soft heart for the ones she loves. And with her past, that explains it all. Plus like Jenni, she too has a big ‘ol pair of fake boobies. She’ll definitely start a few storms on the shore.

Jeremiah is the new Vinni.

Based on first impressions I would call this gorilla another Vinni. He’s not a jerk at all, still interested in smashing things up and has a nice guy personality which is attractive AF. And he already has a BFF in the house, Gus, like Pauly and Vinni’s bromance. And did I mention he’s smoking hot?

Codi is the new Ronnie.

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Patriotic as ever and dedicated to maintaining his looks make him very similar to Ron. He doesn’t seem to be a large character in the plotline but will be in enough drama throughout the show to still keep him relevant. Plus I could totally see him getting into a relationship with a girl named Aimee.

Not all cast members have been replaced by newer versions of themselves. There are a lot of new personalities to the house that will make better additions to the house compared to the guidos and guidettes we became acquainted with so many years ago.


She’s feisty, polite, outgoing and a typical southern woman. She doesn’t seem to go looking for trouble but if she finds it, she’ll for sure finish it. I find her to be really likable and I think she’ll be a great addition to the house to keep the humor alive when the drama is tearing people apart.


Julio & Sanu weren’t the only ones on Injured Reserve yesterday

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He didn’t really make an impression on the house yet but you know he will eventually. I feel like he will be the girls best friend in the house because he seems so kind and compassionate. I do however think he will be the forgotten roommate where you see him in the odd shot and remember he’s still on the show.


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She is loud and southern proud. But you can tell she has good intentions towards others yet isn’t afraid to throw a beatdown if she needs to. She’s definitely the comedy queen of the house. She claims she wants to stay single… But we all know what happened when Ron and Sam said the same so many years ago.

The show doesn’t noticeably have a Situation or an Angelina in the house, but they definitely have enough different personalities to make them original. I love the diversity and the familiarity in the cast. And I am sure that they will win the hearts (unwillingly) of North America and get a few seasons on TV. And you bet I’ll be watching every week.

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