5 Interesting News Stories You Missed This November

As the holidays have begun to roll in, the headlines around the globe continue to surprise us all. From countries changing timezones, to children being abused in places they’re supposed to be cared for, these headlines are worth your

Argentina Lost a Submarine: After a little battery trouble, a submarine reported that they were fine, and continuing on as normal on November 15. Three hours after their last transmission, many reported an “explosion-like sound” off the coast of Argentina, and no one has been able to hear from or track the sub since. The sub has 44 people on board and over 4000 people are currently on the search.

Ministry of Health Changing Iceland’s Timezone: A new plan to help Iceland residents will come down to a talk about time. A task force was put together to investigate the health benefits in changing the timezone to make future welfare better. The changing of the seasons in Iceland is a little different since they are in the Arctic circle with 6 months of sunlight and 6 months of darkness, so maybe a changing of the timezones will help residents and tourists in the longrun.

Sydney Demolishing Olympic Stadium: The controversial decision that some say is a waste of money, is now a reality. The government says its plan is to redesign the stadium to suit and help local athletes.

Beijing Nursery Overusing Needles: Disturbing allegations of sexual abuse, drug abuse and child abuse are now being investigated in a Chinese nursery. There have been reports of children being injected with needles, fed pills to ‘go to sleep’ and forced to strip naked.

Dogs Save Woman in Canadian Forest: Man’s best friend is proven true with three dogs and their dog walker. Annette Poitras, and three dogs were lost in the woods for three days after Annette injured herself and lost her phone. They kept strong and weathered the wilderness until they were found, and are all now recovering.

Wales Has Penguin Therapy: Virtual reality is now making its way into Wale hospitals. The trial is currently being conducted for those who are suffering from cystic fibrosis and hopes to help patients. It’s being used a as a form of distraction therapy, which may help patients emotionally & mentally while dealing with this disease.

As we head into December, the news will follow and we can only wish for more hope this holiday season. Will the holidays bring some peace? I guess we’re just going to have to find out. What news stories caught your interest this last month?

In collaboration with Ky Grabowski

Featured Image via Pexels




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