5 Modern Albums That Will Get You In The Christmas Spirit

It’s that time of the year to spend time with friends and family, spread joy, and share that cup of cheer with anyone we can. But you know what that means, Christmas music is back on the radio! Christmas music is in the background to some of our most popular memories growing up, and it can add a lot to a moment.

With that being said there are only some songs we can hear over and over again on the radio. So if you’re having some people over and wants some ambiance or are thinking of gifting someone the gift of song, here are some of the best Christmas albums by well known artists that will add to the celebration of the holidays.

A Merry Little Christmas – Lady Antebellum

I know what you’re thinking, “aren’t they country?” As a matter of fact, they are, and their Christmas album is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. Singers Hillary Scott and Charles Kelly compliment each other so wonderfully and the tones of their voices mixed with the relaxing melody backing them creates a relaxing soundtrack for your Christmas dinner.

Wrapped in Red – Kelly Clarkson

Leave it to our girl Kelly Clarkson to bring the Christmas vibe alive with this powerful album! Mixed with soulful versions of classics we know and love and a few upbeat original songs, this is one Christmas album you wish to have under your tree.

Under the Mistletoe – Justin Bieber

Remember that time when Justin Bieber released a Christmas album and it was more lit than the Christmas tree? And remember that banger of a track Mistletoe? This was definitely unexpected but it’ll be a hit for all ages because the songs are familiar and the singer is still popular.

A Pentatonix Christmas – Pentatonix

Every single member in Pentatonix has an incredible talent and that talent is aca-awesome! Their harmony will wrap you with the right amount of joy and warmth that will be a hit with whoever listens. They sound like angels, seriously.

Christmas – Michael Buble

Or as everyone in Canada unofficially calls him, the King of Christmas. He’s done everything from having his own holiday TV special to a banger of a Christmas album. Of course he stayed true to his roots and stuck with his jazz and classical sound. But guess what, it works perfectly! It’s upbeat, joyful, sultry and just wonderful! It sort of brings you back to what Christmas’ were like in the 60’s and I like the old school vibe.

If all of these albums don’t excite you for Christmas or remind you of a peaceful (that actually isn’t peaceful) dinner with your family eating delicious turkey around the table then I don’t know what will. But if you need me, you can find my underneath the mistletoe for Santa to bring me a boyfriend to kiss.

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