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I may still be a busy college student, crawling closer and closer to graduation but like many other millennials, I tend to get bored pretty easily. Now, don’t take that the wrong way, I LOVE learning new things, whether I’ll need these new skills in my career or not. Once I get through my homework checklist, I don’t really want to continue learning from each class, but I will hop online and try to learn some new skills and hobbies for me far away from my grades.

My latest obsession when I’m trying not to focus on school has become an online learning resource called Skillshare. These guys have over 17,000 classes on just about anything you can think of under the sun! I’m talking graphic design, creative writing, email marketing, business analytics, social media strategy, mobile photography, flower arranging, and so much more. Right now they’re offering a special promotion for two free months of Skillshare Premium (normally $8-$15 per month) that has me scrambling to learn all of the amazing new skills out there, and I would 10000% recommend anyone to try it out! The Skillshare classes I’ve been focusing on are Instagram Next Level Amazing: Inspiration, Tools, and Tricks, Learn to Think Differently, and How to Write a Novel in 100 Days.

Instagram Next Level Amazing: Inspiration, Tools, and Tricks by Tyson Wheatley

I instantly fell in love with Tyson Wheatley’s style of teaching. He speaks highly of inspiration and where he finds his motivations, every day. Tyson Wheatley showcases what’s in his camera bag, and what tools he carries around with him other than his iPhone. Did you know how important weather patterns are when it comes to taking unfiltered photos? I know it never crossed my mind! This course is about a half hour long, so it was perfect to watch during my lunch break between classes on campus, and I certainly felt hopeful about the beauty around me when I was done.

Learn to Think Differently by Abigail Besdin

My love for learning encouraged me to check this one out, and I’m so so so glad that I did! This class is on the shorter side of the spectrum at only 11 minutes in total, it felt more like watching an enjoyable little Ted talk than taking an online class! I never realized just how important creativity really is as a skill until Abigail Besdin pointed it out in this class. She talked about how creativity is a learnable skill that some people are more prone to than others, but everyone can learn to be more creative in the act and with practice. “Creativity builds on creativity” is a quote that she mentioned more than once and it’s as simple to learn as practicing a new joke, observing a new font, and/or painting a picture. Abigail Besdin’s talk was easy to understand and definitely eye-opening on how to keep minds open to new things.

How to Write a Novel in 100 Days by John Coyne

After my long days of full-time school, and multiple part-time jobs, I love to relax during my free time with some creative release. The How to Write a Novel in 100 Days class has shown me how to set up a writing plan for when I get my ducks in a row with my schoolwork and actually sit down to write a story. The goals and “homework” recommended out of this class are super simple and actually help me feel like I can get my own 250 page novel done and ready in 60 days, let alone the other 40 days for edits and drafting. This one hour long course is beneficial, even if it’s a little slow at first, so when you check it out with your free trial, I can assure you it is worth it!

I barely have time for reflection, let alone introspection, so making sure I’m learning skills I will actually use in life takes some time to figure out. Thanks to Skillshare I can learn some awesome new things, whenever I want to! Unwritten’s readers can too by clicking here for a special two-month free trial. Learning some new things can really go a long way in life, so don’t be afraid to check it out like it did!

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