Jenelle From Teen Mom Takes Legal Action Against Her Co-Stars

The season might be over for Teen Mom 2, but on the day the new season of Teen Mom OG airs the drama continues for the TM2 Crew.

Jenelle Eason (formerly Evans) and her husband David have given their cast mates Chelsea DeBoer (formerly Houska) and Kailyn Lowry a cease and desist. The pair tweeted about the shocking mail they received, and are not impressed.

Basically it’s a document sent to a business or individual to stop claiming illegal activity and to not continue to.

According to Legal Nature the 6 main reasons to give someone a cease and desist is to stop debt collectors, stop trademark or copyright infringement, stop harassment, stalking and invasions of privacy, stop a breach of contract, stop libel or slander, and stop property boundary encroachment.

Although the mom’s are unaware as to why they were sent this document, they can only assume it’s as a result of the New Years Eve event they were taping at MTV Studios when a large brawl allegedly broke out and they all pointed their fingers to the Easons. A Twitter war broke out that literally involved everyone from the Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG cast.

The often outspoken Kailyn seems to be taking things well on Twitter. She and Eason had a mini fight earlier this year when Jenelle tweeted about Kailyn’s third pregnancy to son Lux, leaking the news before Lowry could herself.

Chelsea on the other hand seems a little more unimpressed. She also explained that it was for making false statements.

At least she’s taking it with humor, but deep down she’s probably furious. Her dad Randy, who was a huge part in calling the Easons out for their inappropriate and dangerous behavior in front of the children, is sticking us for his daughter.

Both women are bringing up a few things their co-star did to them in recent years to prove that Eason is not Miss innocent.

It’s noticeable that the other mom’s on the show do not get along with Eason mainly for her attitude, let alone for the way she “parents” her kids and for how she treats her mom. Basically everything in this article. But this is not going to make their relationship any better. It also seems Jenelle is jealous of the other girls, Chelsea especially because she always tries to compete with her and her “perfect” family.

Leah Messer has yet to receive any notification or has not revealed to the public if she has as well. But based on how the reunion special finished last week, one would presume that Eason would throw her under the bus too because she openly feels Messer, DeBoer and Lowry team up against her and new cast member Brianna DeJesus (but that’s a different story).

MTV has yet to make a statement either in news of the documents or Jenelle’s behavior regarding the fight that occurred last month on set.

Featured image via Janelle Eason 


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