Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter Has Been Accused Of Rape

The past few weeks a lot of celebrities have been exposed for unthinkable behavior with endless accusations regarding sexual harassment and assault. The latest celebrity to be named in these allegations is a Backstreet Boy.

Melissa Schuman, former member of teen-pop group Dream, has accused Nick Carter of rape.

In a detailed blog post, Schuman claimed that the alleged attack occurred after she and Carter were cast in the same “made-for-TV movie”, The Hollow. He allegedly invited Schuman to his apartment and performed oral sex on her, despite Schuman insisting that she “didn’t want go any further” beyond kissing. She claims he then led her to his bedroom and raped her.

She claimed she first spoke to Carter over the phone while she was filming a video for a remix of her group’s 2001 hit “This Is Me,” after her label reps anticipated a connection between the two. A few years later she agreed to go to his Santa Monica apartment, along with her roommate, and the alleged attack took place. She was 18 and he was 22 at the time.

Carter allegedly lured her into his office asking for her to listen to some new music. After kissing in the office for a bit she claimed he proceeded to take her to his bedroom. “He shut the door and we continued to kiss. I asked him what we were doing in there. He didn’t respond and continued to kiss me. He then pick me up, put me on the bathroom counter and started to unbutton my pants. I told him I didn’t want to go any further. He didn’t listen. He didn’t care.”

Radar Online reported just last month that in 2006 that Carter was being investigated for sexual assault. They obtained documents from a separate situation where he and a friend allegedly sexually assaulted two women in Florida. Nothing ever came from those allegations.

I know there have been so many names in the media thrown around, but this one really made me sick to my stomach. I have been in love with this man from the time I was three years old belting “As Long As You Love Me” in my car seat as my mom played their music. Never in my life would I have expected Nicholas Gene Carter to be accused in such a scandal. Especially in the height of his fame where his management controlled most of his life.

Regardless, this is shocking news and fans are not impressed by this. Or they are in denial because they feel the victim is fabricating the story to make it appear like it was non consensual. Obviously the backlash is why Schuman didn’t want to come forward and is why most victims are afraid. It’s a shame.

The singer ended her post with a message of hope. “I certainly don’t want to be ‘known’ for this,” she wrote. “I never wanted anybody to know about my story…. I feel I have an obligation now to come forward with the hope and intention to inspire and encourage other victims to tell their story. We are stronger in numbers. If you are reading this and you have been assaulted, know you don’t have to be silent and you are not alone. I know it’s scary. I’m scared. I believe you. I stand with you and together I hope we can bring light to things that have been lost in the darkness for so long.”

A representative for Carter has yet to comment.

Featured image via Nick Carter


  1. This is bullshit Nick carter never raped anyone in his life what a fucking liar this girl from dream street is I love and will support nick carter forever


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