This Jewelry Brand Will Be Your New Favorite Spot For Accessories

I freaking love clothes and I’m the type of person that when I buy something, I’ll IMMEDIATELY wear it and be obsessed with it until my next new thing. Aren’t we all though? Maybe it’s just me. Anyways, I’ve been so flipping tired after this weekend, celebrating my roommate of 4 years’ birthday so you can only imagine how my life is today. I’m sitting here trying to pull my eyelids up. Sunday afternoon was definitely a lazy Sunday for sure.

I’ve been trying to dress a little more professional as I try to understand who I am as a woman. I’ve started selling more of my college and younger looking clothes on Poshmark to make more room for big girl clothes. Thanks to all my amazing new writer friends, I’ve been having a blast expanding my comfort zones with new trendy looks.

I’m sorry but look how cute this bracelet is from Lia Lubiana! I haven’t taken it off since I’ve gotten it in the mail! S’cute, right? (Who even says that anymore?) These are super dainty and really catch the eye. I chose the rose gold cross because I love rose gold. Rose gold everything! It matches everything I have. I’m not a big bracelet person so this was totally out of the ordinary for me and I’m glad I branched out. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it so for all of your attention lovers, this is the place for you.

What I Like:
They have a variety of products for both men and woman! So boys, take a gander! They also are a wonderful company because they support breast cancer awareness!

For what they are made of and the quality of the products, they are perfectly priced!  I’d for sure buy more for myself and tons for my friends (I mean hello the holidays are here)!

Layering used to be a really cool thing with clothes like when we were in the 90’s but bracelet layering is totally a thing. Sadly I only have one right now but I’m 100% getting more!

Seriously friends, get your shopping on because this is a great holiday present to wrap up for your friends and family. Ooo maybe get matching friendship or S/O bracelets! Just a thought!

In collaboration with Cassandra Marie Vella
Originally published on Paige to Page
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