Remember To Be Thankful Before The Holiday Stress Kicks In

Do you ever wonder why Christmas commercials, clothes, decorations, etc. come out literally the day after Halloween? So do I.

I mean, hello? Have we forgotten about Thanksgiving, the second best Holiday, next to your birthday, is up next? I’ve heard some theories as to why Thanksgiving is passed over and this one just made me shake my head: “It’s just a holiday when you eat dinner.. so that’s why.” I’m sorry, what?

Excuse me, Thanksgiving is much more than dinner. It’s not just a little holiday, it’s more of a wake-up call in disguise. I’m not sure if all families have the same traditions, but in my house, after everyone has filled their plates to the brim, we go around the table and say something we are thankful for. Now, before I continue, this post is not just about the meaning of Thanksgiving, so keep reading.

Most of the time we say thanks for the accomplishments or the success in health that we all have had within the year looking forward. Sometimes, we say thanks for future rewards and the people who were able to join us that day. Thanksgiving is a wake up call for many to see how much they have grown or see and understand the areas they could improve on. In 2005 I knew from my journal that there’s always room for improvement in life and that this cannot and should not be so easily forgotten.

With this being said, I’ve had many thoughts ever since I’ve started my “adulting.” Some aspects of my life seemed small at the time and that I have looked over. I didn’t appreciate the one thing that was the most eye-opening to me.

For the past, while I seem to have lost sight in my writing. I don’t dare wish to stop writing, ever, but for a little while there I hadn’t been writing as much as I had initially hoped. Not only has it lost its light on social media, but it’s also been losing its light in me. I didn’t realize that such a small skill of mine would take such an effect on my everyday life.

Writing is truly a great and blessed gift that I have obtained. That slipped away from me. I thought that my new job was more celebratory than my writing, surely, I was wrong. Don’t get me wrong, paychecks every other week are pretty exciting, but that money goes away quicker than people may think. Writing is something that will stay and even grow in richness. I don’t have to cold call all day, sit at a desk day to day, wake up early or come home late to get this reward of writing. But it does take dedication and discipline to sit down, write and read over and over again. With anything you do, though, those are the two elements that will take you anywhere you wish to go.

So for all of you that are singing Christmas music a month before Christmas, quit that. Stop and think, are you thankful for the little things that you may have forgotten are there? Don’t be afraid to take a step back from your life and do something that is worth being thankful for. Your gifts will never leave you, acknowledge them and grow. Those are the riches in life.

Originally published on Paige to Page 
In collaboration with Cassandra Marie Vella

Featured Image via We Heart It




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