#MomGoals: These Tweets Describe The Future You Want To Have

Our twenties are an exciting time in our lives because they set the tone for our future and a lot of exciting things start to happen. Not only do we experience significant milestones but our friends and family members do as well. The most prominent life changer is when people have kids.

Now, if you’re anything like me you’re looking at everyone shocked that they have kids, doubting you ever will be in that situation and thinking about you would be like as a parent. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone because the internet believes the same thing.

And if you really don’t know how you would be as a parent if you don’t give up your ways now, then these tweets will really make you laugh.

Imagine showing up to your child’s games and practices looking for a hot dilf or trying to prove you’re the ultimate milf.

Family trips will not be taken lightly… Especially if we’re going to Disney.

Trying to keep your private life private will be a hard task. And let’s be real, we will probably enjoy talking about our kids one day on the internet.

God forbid we have to protect our loved one’s in a time of need. Doesn’t matter if you’re my friend or child, I’d do the same thing.

Let’s be real, if I have a partner in crime I’m sneaking around to the mall with with my husbands credit card in hand, I expect to raise her right and know to help me.

I also expect my child to be a world class photographer because my photoshoots will never end. Especially if I’ll be snapping some adorable TBT pics for you to use later in life.

And of course, you can’t forget the kind of wife you’ll be.

Kendra and Hank Baskett have the dream marriage in my opinion. She knows what’s up.

So yes, it’s exciting to see how everyone is going to be over the next few years of massive changes. But if you honestly don’t want kids or can’t see yourself as a mom, don’t worry. This could be you too!

Feature image via Taza


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