The Challenge XXX: Final Predictions Before Tonight’s Reunion

The season finale of The Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty aired a week ago and it’s no lie that this season has been the dirtiest game yet. Holding true to its name, it’s had everything from offensive players from the past and present, eliminations like never before, secrets up the wazoo and plot twists even the most diehard fans didn’t see coming.

Host TJ Lavin revealed that the castmates were actually fighting for their share of one million dollars. He also decided to make the finalists wait until the reunion special to find out who won based on separate timed events. How rude.

It’s time to go over predictions for what I think is going to go down tonight for each finalist.


I love Cara. She’s a beast, she’s intense, she’s smart and she knows every aspect of the game well. She’s an outstanding and underrated competitor. This season we saw her get eliminated in an unfair elimination round but came back swinging with a vengeance. Unfortunately this final wasn’t her best physically and I sadly see her taking the third place spot in the girls’ heat.


For real!? Challenge is on tonight!? …yup. 9pm @mtv

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Ugh. I love this man. He’s probably transformed the most since his beginning on the Challenge and I’m thrilled to see him in yet another final. After winning last season, Battle of the Champs, he’s hungry for more. He never even went in for an elimination round because he won so much. However, due to the climate, I sadly see my Boston Bad Boy turned dilf in third. The dirt and poor air quality didn’t help him much at all.


I’ve hated her from her start on the show and this season made me lose all respect for her. Not only did she hook up with a taken man, she used racial slurs towards someone in a fit of anger, behaved so unsportsmanlike and was genuinely a terrible teammate. But she brought it for the final, with the exception of having a typical Camila breakdown while rock climbing. And I think that dropped her time to second place. I don’t think she should have been in the final, but good for her I guess…


Waiting for tomorrow night like…

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TJ Lavin has often voiced Derrick was his all-time favourite competitor and fans know why. He fights, goes to war and gives it his all. He was feared before and rookies this season definitely underestimated him. He even took out Banana’s. As much as I would have loved for him to have won and still hopes he does, I think the run at the end of the final killed his chance at first. But I’m so damn glad to see him back!


This rookie has had one hell of a season and is just what this series has been lacking in the past few seasons, rookies who can actually compete with the big dogs. I would love for Tori to beat the odds and pull off the win. She’s a beast and played the game so well! And her final was well played with Jordan as her male partner for most of it. Could he have helped her win? Probably!


#tbt to a warm upper lip. #missyouStache

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I think he’s a self-absorbed piece of crap. His ego drives me completely up the wall, but I will give him credit for being the definition of dirty. He has run his mouth for song long on these shows that he’s finally backing it up with skill. Politically he developed, physically he improved (especially competing with one hand), and his final was one of the best performances I’ve seen recently. Plus his run at the very end gave him impeccable timing compared to the guys.

Could Tori bring an upset to the Vets and be the first Rookie to win her first challenge!? Could Jordan be the first-ever competitor with a disability to win a challenge!? Could TJ be lying to us and prove the season still isn’t over yet!? We’ll only find out tonight on MTV at 10 pm eastern/standard time.

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