These 6 Fitspo Instagrams Are All You Need To Get Motivated

I don’t know about you, but I follow a lot of Insta’ accounts that make delicious, AND healthy meals. Instagram seems to be people’s inspo for trying to eat healthy. But, I’ll let you in on a little secret: There are so many users on Instagram that blog about fitness routines, and exercises. I mean, they are JUST as good as all those healthy recipe accounts. Here are the top six that I love, and seem to be popular with others.

  1.       Suzie B, @suzie_kb

I love this girl because she was never an athlete in school, so she can relate to my level. Suzie has over 605K followers, and continues to post workout videos, and tips. Seeing her videos everyday keeps me motivated.


  1.       Katie Crewe, @katiecrewe

This account proves you can truly workout anywhere, including the airport. Katie posts videos of her working out everywhere, and using props like chairs, playgrounds, and even clothes. You should follow this user because she will keep you motivated to workout even if you can’t make it to the gym.

  1.       Emily Skye, @emilyskyefitness

This girl knows what she is talking about, and even lifts heavy weights. The best part? She constantly posts how-to videos. You can tell it’s working for her looking at Emily’s crazy six-pack. Mom-to-be she even has workout routines for YOU! Go ahead and check her out.


  1.       Katrina and Karena, @ToneItUp 

These two Cali girls have over one million followers, and it doesn’t surprise me. These girls own Tone It Up which is a fitness community that helps women stay fit and lose weight. Yes, if you want to buy the plan is costs money, but they constantly post free workout videos on their IG, and YouTube.


  1.       Lyzabeth Lopez, @LyzabethLopez

Over 600,000 people are following Lyzabeth, and I think it’s because of her creative and unique workouts. Sometimes when we hit the gym, we can get bored of the same ol’ routine. It’s nice to spice it up a little, and this account can help you do that.

  1.       Massy Arias, @Massy.Arias

She is known as a certified personal trainer. She has a huge following with over 2 million people following her. Massy posts online videos of herself working out, and shares tips. But, why I really like her is because she tries to help people build confidence!

I know sometimes we all roll our eyes at those wannabe IG models. But, these girls seem to be truly trying to help people stay healthy and fit. Some even share healthy recipes as well as workout routines. Check them all out, and let me know who your fitspo is in the comments below!

Featured Image via WeHeartIt


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