What You Should Do When Visiting Arizona For A Weekend

I’m so ready for some fun! I’ve come up with a super duper activity-filled weekend just for you! Now, for those of you that keep up with my writing, I’ve written one of these before but this is totally different for many reasons.

1. It’s way more specific
2. included some of my favorite spots to go for my Arizonians
3. It’s just different, okay?

Let me just give ya a lil’ backstory before we get started. Lately, I’ve had a whole lot going on and when I mean a whole lot I mean like people visiting, or I’m traveling. And you’re probably thinking, “uh, Paige. Funny joke. No one would ever visit AZ in that heat.” You’d be surprised, ‘cuz I thought they were crazy too, but clearly, they come for another reason. *cough Cough* Meee

Anyways, since I’ve been a host to all of these people in my home, it’s really forced me to go socialize with other humans; and go out and explore out-of-the-ordinary events. I’m not a huge club and bar girl, to be honest, I’ve grown old of the movement, so I decided to make my own finally. But for those of you that have never ventured out here and want to see the nightlife come out for sure.

This weekend, now that we get back on topic, my college roommate Micaela is coming in before she moves far far away from me*tear. So of course we have to do as much as we can in the two days we have & don’t worry, we’ve been planning this for a while.


Saturday Morning-
We seriouslhad so much planned that we hardly knew where to begin. Due to budgeting and bills coming up soon *ugh* we chose to eat breakfast at home. I made some delicious cinnamon rolls. #Pillsbury. Once we filled our tummies, up we began our move. We originally were going to check out the Aquarium, but due to some delay we chose to go to the museum. Not a bad idea at all either.

Funny side story: on the way there, Siri was super helpful, not, in finding the place. There are two museums literally across the way from one another and the one that we weren’t going to had giant letter that read “ MUSEUM”. If you are trying to go the the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art and you see a sign saying you’re going the wrong way and need to check out THE OTHER MUSEUM.

Now that you’ve found the super hidden museum, get ready to be amazed! For those of you that don’t know, Contemporary art can range from anything from a piece of cheese to a string of lights. Art is art I guess? Here’s a little sneak peak:

Wow, what a sight! I’m hungry again, aren’t you? Sushi is always a really nice and light meal especially in this extreme heat! RA Sushi was where we decided to go and we even got a free dessert!

Funny Side Story 2:
We ordered some lightly salted edamame. While enjoying the delish greens, my friend slowly looked down at it, “uh, Paige…” pulling out this long blue string that definitely came off the fish they bought for our plate. Yes, if you were wondering, we totally complained. Getting a new batch of edamame and some free dessert.
For the rest of the day, we sort of just hung out and went to watch a movie later that evening. Everybody see Dunkirk.
Time for bed!

zzz **snooze**

Sunday Morning-
Rise and shine, Noodles! Today is a big day! Second time’s the charm for the aquarium. I absolutely love all things involving animals! So going back here was not like seeing the same movie twice cuz with animals, they are always showing off their new tricks and happy to see you! Take a look at what I captured!

I always leave so calm and collected. Very peaceful but I’m starving. If you know me, you know I’m never seen without food in my hand. For my Chicago gal, we had to hit up her fave spot Portillo’s! Never heard of it? Well I know you’ve heard of Google! Check it out!

Unwind and enjoy the rest of your Sunday. For you cray cray people that have so much dang energy, take a hike, alright?! Literally hit the road Jack, up Arizona’s amazing hiking trails! If that’s not enough for you, then I’m sorry but you’re gonna have to sit your little booty down and wait for my next post. Hehe. No Spoiler Alerts here,Noodles! For any upcoming sneak peeks, me on social media!

Tell me about your own fun-filled weekends! Have any ideas you’d like to share! Leave a comment below, and don’t forget to have some fun!

In Collaboration with Cassandra Vella
Originally Published on Paige to Page 

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