If You’re Visiting Austin, You Need To Follow This Travel Guide

Howdy, ya’ll! I’ve never really taken you all by the hand and walked you through my homeland, Texas! I’m not necessarily taking you to Fort Worth but to somewhere that we like to keep weird, Austin. Hope you’ve saddled up your horses and packed your bags for our trip!

Funny enough, this was only my second time into this wild city out of the 20+ years I lived in Texas. I will warn you, that the weather here is quite sporadic so don’t rely on the weatherman cuz things are ALWAYS changing. To be safe, pack for sunshine or rain.

Anyways, welcome to Austin Noodles!

I flew into DFW airport, seriously for those who can nail the navigation in this airport, good for you because it’s quite gigantic, but can you expect less? #BiggerinTexas

That next morning, I woke up and waited for that *honk honk* from my best friend Katita as she picked me up for our next adventure! So before I go any further, I’m sorry, but this post is not about the wedding I attended on this same trip in Dripping Springs as I will touch upon that at a later time.

However, on the way to Austin, we stopped at the coolest place with even cooler people; so seriously, if you get the chance to make this stop you should make it! Slovacek’s Rest Stop! I’ve never been here before this trip, but basically, in a nutshell, it’s a humongous bakery/ gift shop/ beer cave/ meat market/ clothing store and souvenirs pit stop. I can still taste the delicious Kolache now… *drooling*

Fast forward, blah blah blah skip the wedding deets cuz I’ll tell you about that later but *drumroll please…*

It’s time for our short little trip through Austin. Now, due to timing, I wasn’t able to jam pack everything into a full weekend of activities, but I got enough done to feel satisfied enough to share with you all! This is about to go by real quick, so try not to blink.

First Stop: Breakfast, DUH!

Where: Elizabeth Street Cafe

Ugh, this was the cutest freaking place I ever did see! So many beautiful colors and the seating area was very comfortable and welcoming. We all wanted to order everything but #budget so we decided to all split their delish french toast. It was so fresh and rich in taste. I’m glad we split it. The blueberry syrup and fruit was a great touch.

I ordered the Jasmine Blueberry Green Tea, and for my main dish, I ordered the Sticky Rice with Ginger Sausage & Poached Eggs. For the picky eaters out there, don’t be afraid try something new, you may love it! My adventurous eaters, this cute little gem is a mix of a vintage and posh Vietnamese restaurant! I’m for sure going back!! (Pic)

Second Stop: Art

Where: Castle Hill Graffiti Park 

Didn’t even know this was legal, but it is very much legal in Austin! Even for those who don’t like museums or art or anything artsy, this is actually super neat, and I’ll tell you why!

So apparently this is no secret to locals or visitors cuz parking was poopy to find. Sadly, it was blazing hot or else I would’ve climbed all around the place. But take a look! (pics)

Next and Final Stop: Dessert

Where: Amy’s Ice Creams

Yeah, not shocked at all I’m sure, all I did in my short time I was in ATX was… ate, walked it off, then ate again. Sorry, not SORRY! Also a super cute and creative location. My friend Molly(blog link) literally has Austin on lockdown with awesome places to visit! Check her out too for travel tips. Looking for fun ice cream flavors, this is def the place to try! Uh, Star Wars named ice cream?! SIGN ME UP! Weird looking cows and other creatures hang from the ceiling, pressuring you to pick something, pick something! Ahhh so many flavors, fickle-finger-of-fate chooses… the TMNT! Don’t know what that is? Sorry! Go and find out and tell me what you think!

Woo! What a quick trip, literally I’m telling you I did all of that with a little bit of side shopping in the span of 3 hours. Please tell me what awesome things you’ve done while you were in Austin if you’ve ever been and if you’re planning your trip, what all do you want to do?? Please leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from ya’ll! Keep Austin weird and keep trying new things, Noodles! Adventure awaits…

Featured image via Amy’s Ice Cream

In collaboration with Paige Leilani 



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