13 ‘First Of All’ Tweets That’ll Make You LOL

I love Twitter! Mainly because it provides a place for people to be hilarious, honest and 100% themselves. Plus, the best trends come out of this social media site. Meme’s, vine’s, gifs and challenges have all paved the way for trends, but the most recent is sassy and serious, which makes it that much more funny and relatable.

As of the past month “First of all,” tweets have been exploding onto our feeds and making us laugh and click those like and retweet buttons. They have been comedic gold and typical for millennials. Don’t believe me? Here are the best one’s!

You tell em baby girl! Nothing screams rejection like when someone brings the bible into a sassy comeback to a pathetic attempt to get in their pants.

Men can be worse for attention than girls, let’s be real. I can’t stand when they act like this… Or at least when I just wasn’t feeling them.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone of the older generation ask me this I would have enough money to hire someone to do all of this mathematics to determine my calculations for me.

Paolo doesn’t want to sing because… He can’t. Isabella forever and always will be an idol.

If this ain’t me…


LOL, when people try to sass you and you always end up sassing them back.



Ain’t that the truth…

Oh SNAP! Now that sounds like a lot of drama if you ask me, and I demand to see a snap video of what happened after that girl gave the other one a dirty look when she had no right.

And you and your dick are probably the reason why.

It’s so true.

Jokes on them, every time.

At least Netflix can joke about themselves.

You can’t lie, you’re mouth dropped a few times reading these Tweets and probably laughed out loud too. And you probably also thought a few times that these are nothing more but true. But that’s the beauty of Twitter. We can make something that is serious, a joke, and keep rolling for it forever.

Featured image via Twitter


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