Why I Am Over The Expectation Of Dressing ‘Slutty’ For Halloween

Halloween, the only day of the year that girls are actively encouraged, even judged, based on how ‘slutty’ they can make their outfit. Whilst most of the year is spent body-shaming, judging women for how they dress and, quite literally, criticizing them for choosing outfits that are ‘too sexy’ or revealing, this one day of the year rolls in and the rules take a u-turn.

There is an expectation that women should bring out the goods (like, really, get as much of them out as they can) on October 31st. It wasn’t always like that. As kids, we picked out costumes that were considered scary or even cute, but somewhere around puberty the rules changed. Just for the girls though…

Guys stick to the traditional costumes into adulthood. Girls cannot, or are expected not to.

Okay, so I am not saying everyone has to go out and buy a sexy costume for Halloween. That said, the pressure is truly here and is reflected in the options available to us. Hit the stores this week and you’ll find an array of pre-made costumes, the titles of which will mostly begin with the adjective ‘sexy’. Most will come with a six-inch skirt and a low cut top which may or may not extend across your midriff.

And the weirdest part is that stores purposely try to make these costumes as outlandish as they come to compete with other stores or trends.

Why do I need to be a sexy witch or a sexy nurse? Why can a guy buy a zombie costume without it being sexy but I can’t? Unfortunately I don’t have many options unless I make a costume of my own and that’s not fair.

I shouldn’t have to go through all that hassle just so I don’t have to not be sexy for Halloween.

Regardless, this whole costume ordeal is too much. It shouldn’t (and really doesn’t) matter what ‘style’ the costume is, because Halloween is supposed to be about having fun, partying with friends and wearing a great outfit that makes you comfortable.

What I want before I head out is to look in the mirror, laugh a little and feel completely happy in what I am wearing. The only definition as to the ‘sexiness’ of the outfit that really matters is my own. If I want to come in a bear onesie that should be just as okay as the (sexy) zombie! And honestly, I’ll pick the onesie every time. And I don’t care.

Featured image via Dream Shop/We Heart It 



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