6 Things You Do That All Restaurant Workers Hate

Most waitresses love working with their customers, and of course, love making them happy. But, speaking on behalf of us all, please don’t treat us as slaves. We are here to make sure you have a great time at our restaurant, give you great customer service, and of course, make sure your tummy is full when you leave.

At the end of the day, when the doors are closed, we chat about things we find super annoying. Here is a sneak peak of the conversation:

  1. When you demand things be done like you were in your own home.
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When you come in and ask us to turn off the music, turn on or off the lights, and adjust the temperature to your liking you have to realize we do have other customers. In the staff’s opinion, you are disrespecting us because you’re treating our work like your own house, and you’re treating us like your servants. Another thing is, you’re disrespecting the rest of our guests because they may not want the same things as you do. They may be delighted with how the restaurant is set up.

  1. Showing up right before close.
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Please don’t do this. If we close at 11, we don’t want to take your order three minutes before close. We will. But, you are making us stay way past close, so you can eat. Also, usually, the kitchen starts turning grills off ten minutes before close. We don’t want to work overtime every single day, so please, don’t come in minutes before we close!

  1. Don’t snap your fingers.
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Don’t ever snap your fingers to your waitresses, host, or bartender, ever. It’s just simply rude.

  1. When it’s busy, don’t be picky on your table.
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Most likely we are seating you there for a reason. We have reservations for a table that you think is open, that is why you cannot sit there. If you are a table of two, and it’s busy, you will be seated at a table of two, instead of a bigger table. We aren’t doing this for no reason, we work at this restaurant and know how to organize seating.

  1. When you sit at a table and ignore the host.The Daily Show with Trevor Noah reaction wow confused awkward GIFWe have a host for a reason to keep things organized. She or he knows our reservations, which tables we cannot have people sitting at, and what tables are available. The host is also usually in charge of keeping track on whose turn it is to have a table. So, please…. Just wait… Let us help you by keeping things nice and simple.
  2. Sitting at a dirty table.
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All the tables are clean, and you decide to sit at the one dirty table. Why? It’s gross. We clearly aren’t ready for anyone to sit at that table yet, so now you have to sit there and watch us bus the tables. It’s just annoying on both ends, so please just don’t.

Honestly, most of us love making you happy. Sometimes we need your help to make it run smoothly. Let us do our job, and show you where to sit, and trust us on how the restaurant should be. We will always do our best to accommodate your needs, but if a table is reserved, there is nothing we can do about.

Hint: If you are picky where you sit, and want to be served right away, please call ahead and make a reservation.

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