The Best Disney Tumblr Threads You Will Ever Read

I don’t care how old you are, but if you watched Disney movies as a kid, those lines, songs, and characters will live in your brain forever. In the words of The Jungle Book, “an elephant never forgets.” Then, when you throw in the world of Tumblr, it can be a dark and hilarious place. So what’s better than combining the two?

The result is pretty hilarious. And it can be educational AF on the classic films we grew up with. Here are a few of these amazing creations:


Can we also take a moment to recognize the head lady at the brothel said, “I’d blame parents but he doesn’t go ‘em?” WHOA THERE M’AM.


I just found this one because you could totally imagine saying this in the club while you’re dancing with your friends and do a sick dab at the end. And if you can’t, you need better friends.


Remember when you were a kid and everyone always said GAP stood for Gay And Proud? Not for Hades. He’s Greek And Proud. And damn right about men.

High School Musical

What kind of uncultured swine forgets about RYAN EVANS!?


Fact: When I went to Disney World I told Rapunzel I wanted to steal Flynn from her, she tried to hook me up with Peter Pan, (who actually looked more like Troy Bolton) but he was more interested in my sister. And even though the Road to El Dorado isn’t a Disney film I want to get this look of love.

Lilo and Stitch

No one likes a Myrtle, so she has it coming.

Toy Story

Plot twist: their names are still Buzz and Woody.

The Little Mermaid

Maybe she wasn’t that bad of a villain after all. Although she is why I trust no woman in the washroom, I need to have proof the person I see is the same in the reflection of the mirror.

Finding Nemo

Totally thought he was a surfer dude… Totally.

The Lion King

*Spits out drink* I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!

The Disney Princess’

I will never look at her the same way because I will always just think of “lettuce.”

Well, I’m really sorry if some of these ruined your childhood in any way, and I’m really not sorry if this forces you to go back and watch these movies to catch onto some of these jokes. And if you really want to entertain yourself when you’re bored at work one day I highly recommend searching this up one day. Because the results go to a whole new world you don’t know even existed.

Featured Image via WeHeartIt


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