Here’s Why Fabletics Will Be Your Next Favorite Legging

What do you do between Summer and Winter? If you answered “online shopping,” you’re just like me! I’ve been planning a lot of holiday gifts for friends and family, but I’m most definitely saying #TreatYoSelf when I find some spare spending money. And boy, oh boy, do I have a perfect surprise!

I’m sure many of you have a hard time looking for cheaper off brands of your fave stores because I’m tellin ya, clothes aren’t cheap!! One day I was scrolling on Facebook and saw someone post a coupon to Kate Hudson’s clothing line called Fabletics. I’ve seen many ads for this before on TV and other social media, but it never drove me to click on the site until:

I saw one of my friends show interest in the product, who also has exceptional taste in clothes and of course, there was a BOGO deal with free shipping!

Before I start my spiel, you all may think I would be a workout queen but lately, I’ve been slacking, and I rely on workout gear to make me feel like I’m being extremely active at the gym, but I’ve been kind of lazy. But don’t worry I’m on my way to the gym as we speak people! I’ll send some of my favorite workouts your way soon!

Anyways, I’m a huge activewear girl (even if I don’t work out all the time) but it’s not only comfy, but it’s almost always cute. I wish Lululemon didn’t cost a fortune. I’m constantly wearing the same ones I have so I figured it was time to let go or the dream that I will purchase all of Lulu line and try this brand out.

Here comes the part that you’ve all been waiting for, why I’m writing the whole piece in the first place, “Soooo, what’s the comparison?” Well, I’ll be talking about the pricing, the wear, the tear (just kidding, no tear), the designs and why I prefer these over Lululemon.

I’m sure many of you out there are very fond of yoga pants but know all too well how it gets so expensive. Let’s take a look at some of these prices and I’m strictly going with the yoga pants y’all can look at the other products on your own time, sowwy.


So, Lulu is charging around $88 which is way too much for form fitting and of course their famous logo. I totally respect that but not when I’m wanting 3 pairs of leggings for a ton of money. Which is why I found myself buying from Fabletics which had a great deal when you sign up, and even when you don’t, the prices aren’t extremely different. It’s either 2 for $24 or one pair for $22. Can you say price cut??

Wear & Tear (not actually):
Next, let’s talk about the wear. So obvi I love love love Lulu but something I noticed about the material that they use is 1. It’s more like a cotton feel and 2. If you don’t wash your leggings exactly the way they are needing to be washed, they start to form little tiny cotton balls all over the place and someone has to pick that sh*t off. It’s usually me, myself & I. Not fun. So with that being said, the Fabletics line is more of a spandex-nylon feel which may turn some of you off because it sounds like cheap material however, it looks great on and feels great too. Try it out if you haven’t; if you have, let me know what you think.

Lastly, the prints! The prints on Fabletics seems to be more artistic with their prints and I’m tellin’ ya I’m not the type of girl that buys bright colored things but I bought a bright blue pair and a paint splattered pair. They are actually super cute but with Lulu, I’ve only been interested in their plain styles and their colored prints never really caught my eye before. They both have their own looks, and both look great.

So there you have it, people, I really do love both brands and these are all based on my personal opinions only. I really hope you enjoy this post as I will have more comparisons for clothing, food, travel and more in order to help YOU save money, look great and growing up! Let me know if you have any more fun alternatives in the comments below!

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