Why You Shouldn’t Let Intimidation Ruin Your Own Success

It’s often said that when someone calls someone else intimidating it’s usually because they know exactly what they want while the “accuser” does not. While I don’t always think of this as the case, it is a recurring term that’s getting thrown away. I actually find it absurd that they would even think someone else’s successes are a reason to doubt themselves.

Just because I have goals and ambitions does not make me intimidating. It makes me driven in my own right. Everyone has an ideal game plan in their lives. Some people have a timeline, others have the plan of not having a plan and letting fate do all the work.

And just because I have an idea of what I want my life to be like doesn’t mean I won’t change that, or choose something different for myself. I don’t  have to achieve absolutely every goal I’ve set for myself.

For example, I have a dream career, but I also know the reality of finding and getting a job in that field. So I work other jobs I still enjoy in the event that I don’t get the career I’ve wanted. Some may call it settling for less, but I’m realistic about the situation I’m in.

I’ll keep working my hardest to accomplish that, but I am well aware that the likelihood is slim, so I would rather not waste my time sitting around and waiting. I would rather find a backup plan I still enjoy and find just as fulfilling as the other.

In terms of my personal life, I’ve always made it a goal of mine to become a mother. And I absolutely would give up my dream career or lifestyle to make that wish of mine possible. While I don’t have an ideal age of when I’d like to have kids at, I also realize that I may not ever be able to physically have children, so I have to take that into consideration as well.

I fully realize and accept that life doesn’t always go as planned!

I understand that confidence can also come into play when using the term as well. Obviously, people want to come off as strong and confident  (women are more guilty of this, I find). So of course when they’re sharing their ambitions they’ll speak with poise, certainty, and confidence to make it seem like we are sure this is what we want.

Most confident people are not going to openly share their fear of failure or doubts with other people. Our egos are too proud to showcase that slight weakness. Even the most humble want to show people that they want to do well for themselves in their terms, regardless of if they’re being realistic or not. You have to be pretty comfortable to be real with the person you’re speaking with about that too.

Regardless of whatever goals you have in life should not give others the ability to dictate if that makes you an intimidating person or not. Call me crazy, but I feel like the world is meant for bullies who pressure others to cave into them to get what they want.

Every single person on this planet has different standards of what success means to them. Some are family driven, while others are career or materialistically driven. And that’s totally okay. Even if you feel like what you’re accomplishing isn’t comparable to their story, remember, are you happy? Do you feel fulfilled in your life?  And most importantly, are you proud of yourself and your accomplishments? Because if you answered “yes” to any of them, congratulations, you’re successful.

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