Social Media Is Losing Their Minds Trying To Solve This Image

I’m sure you’ve been seeing this picture on your Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

To some, it looks like a horrifying bug. To others, it looks like a dragon. And to others, it looks like an object with a fishing rod or Randall from Monsters Inc. All valid guesses.

And what’s most frustrating about this picture is on the original post on Facebook, NO ONE IS TELLING YOU WHAT IT IS OR HOW TO FIND IT! And you really, really want to be in the “I know!” party.

They give you hints like, hold it far from your face or squint your eyes. Well squinting my eyes only impairs my vision from solving this damn mystery.

It sucks being the person to not find out and to look and see everyone go “Oh, it’s so easy!”

Well, it’s not.

But once I found out what it is I honestly can’t un-see it. (Tho I still see the terrifying bug I saw at first glance.)

It’s so hard to see because you’re always focused on the wrong part of the picture that doesn’t lead to anything that will help you. It’s a challenge the internet unintentionally offered and you just can’t give up on.

Look at the circle and take notice of the white spaces. That will definitely help try to find out what it is!

Here’s the first clue.

Still stuck? Don’t worry, so was I after that clue. That leads me to this next clue where you’ll definitely get it now.

Here’s the third clue.


And you’re staring at the screen like…

It’s a cowboy face! I don’t know about you but I felt so stupid after learning that it wasn’t just an outline to something and just at how simple this face is.

Now go share this beautiful news to your other friends who are also severely struggling to understand the hype around the latest thing to blow up on the internet. And give yourself a high five for accomplishing it, even though you had to cheat to get there.

Featured Image via Savannah Root.


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