The Best Spot In Texas To Celebrate Taco Tuesday

Everyone always has their one spot for taco Tuesdays because it’s the best day of the week. Not only do you get discounts on food, but you get TACOS! So today, I’m going to brighten your day up with one of my fave spots for Taco Tuesday and feel free to comment and tell me about yours. Let’s Taco Bout It:

Being from Texas, I’m a huge fan of Mexican food, and I’m sorry but who doesn’t love tacos? If you don’t, please comment below and tell us why and we can talk about it. Anyways, your favorite Taco Tuesday hotspot is Fuzzy’s Tacos! Recently moving out to AZ I was shocked to see a Fuzzy’s here too and had a feeding frenzy here over the excitement of it all!

Back in Fort Worth (where it originated), Fuzzy’s is my mom and I’s fave spot to eat. There are great dishes and drinks (don’t worry I’ll tell you all about it here soon!) I have my recommended dishes from salads, entrees, drinks, sides and of course TACOS!

(Keep in mind: I’m aware this post may not be out on a Tuesday, but this is for your next Tuesday of course, so you can have enough time to prepare yourself for this greatness!)

What I Recommend:

Salad of Choice: Shredded chicken salad with avocado ranch and butt burnin’ hot sauce- this is my all time fave options. I love how fresh everything is and if your taste buds enjoy cilantro, unlike some who thinks it tastes like soap, this is a great one. It’s impossible for me to eat it without the right amount of dressing and hot sauce! It’s a huge salad so beware!

Entree of Choice: Enchilada dish- I tried this for the first time a few weeks ago and I was a bit skeptical because as a Tex-Mex fanatic, Mexican food anywhere but home, weirds me out. So I tried it, and it was very impressed. The cheesiness was just right along with the creamy refried beans(only the best beans) and a side of Spanish rice. Delish!

Side of Choice: 100% the chips and freaking Queso! Enough said.

Drink of Choice: Frozen Marg!! Just get it.

TACO of Choice: Shrimp Taco- as an island girl, I love love love seafood so how much better can this get to a perfectly grilled and seasoned shrimp in taco form, or tacoed (totally made that word up). If Seafood isn’t your cup of tea, leave a comment below so we can talk about it, and rest assured they have pretty kickass tacos that aren’t seafood too.

So there you have it. My favorite go-to Tex-Mex spot, don’t be afraid to find the nearest to you and tell me all about it in the comments below! I’m going to enjoy my marg and tacos now, and I certainly cannot wait to read about your faves in the comments! Stay tuned for more Taco Tuesday Hot Spots! Nom nom nom…

PS they have the cutest koozies, shirts, and stickers!

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