Why I Want A Coffee Shop Love

I wish I could have a love like Coffee Shop. This movie is about a typical hipster romance that comes to life in a coffee shop. You don’t need to see the movie, now that you know I’m talking about a movie, so keep reading – trust me (but if you want to watch it, I think it’s still on Netflix so do check it out before it’s gone).

I’m talking about your ideal love story where a girl meets a guy in a coffee shop, something bad happens, they run into each other again later on as fate would have it, and voila; love happens. In the movie, the main character was VERY sassy to her future love and he was still sweet as all heck when they met again. I want one of those budding romances, with a choice of my own sass, a small smile or maybe even a dramatic coffee spill, whichever your fancy. I’m not picky. It would be even better if he stayed. If he stayed despite the sass, back-talk, and whining, he might be perfect. Until he realizes how annoying those quirks can get.

The day he realizes those dramatic little things aren’t as cute as they were in the puppy-love stage is the day the real test begins. Those quirks were just so adorable in the coffee shop. The same quirks that caused someone to skip breakfast and leave late for work, or the same quirks that caused someone to sleep on the couch. A coffee shop love ending like this would be ending at the worst time. Because if he leaves during this stage… He leaves when I need him most.

I don’t care if he leaves in the puppy-love stage, it’s still a fresh cut that can heal quicker than a paper cut; even if I don’t think so in real-time. But if he leaves when the bark starts to thicken, and the winds start to blow, I’ll have questions. I’ll question everything. What did I do? What didn’t I do? Or more importantly….


Coffee shop loves come and go in short instances all the time. But when they last, they get deep and rich as they roast. Coffee shop loves don’t normally continue once the day begins, but they certainly don’t have to end when things get hard. These types of loves can really be their own unique recipe, kind of like your local chai. I want one of those; sweet yet spicy, and only better and better as time goes on and the milk cools off.

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