12 Girl Group Costumes That’ll Slay This Halloween

Being a girl can be exhausting when deciding on what to wear, especially when going somewhere. Let’s face it, having a lot of friends these days is very rare because we become so selective of who we allow in our inner circle. And holidays are truly a time to spend with our closest friends and family. Halloween is no exception, except this time there’s a little bit of a dress code.

Don’t worry, if you and your group of gal pals are looking to be the belles of the ball, I got you covered with the best costume idea’s that won’t break the bank.

Social Butterflies


How cute are these costumes!? I think someone needs to initiate because they are adorable and affordable!

Rachel and Monica

This would work awesome if you go to a house party! You can even get cheap wedding dresses at thrift stores or discount places.

Mean Girls

Latinworks Halloween. #meangirls #groupcostume #theplastics #sofetch #shedoesntevengohere #oneednesdayswewearpink

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There are so many easy options for Mean Girls, but this group did a fetch job! I think this will be my friends and I’d option for next year.

Regina & Karen


Another Mean Girls themed costume but a little more risque, and a lot of fun to do! You’ll for sure be a hit!

Spice Girls


Stop right now! Cuz this costume idea is spicing up my life in all the right ways. Girl power ladies!



This could be such an easy idea, all you need is at least a matching shirt, which you could either already have or easily make and get some props.

Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie)


If you’re a fan of WWE, Total Divas or Total Bellas on E!, this is the costume for you! It’s actually super easy to make from home, and you can do the Bella booty shake in the club.


The wedding party! #bridesmaids #thebetches #holdonforonemoreday #Halloween2k13

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A hilarious option if you and your girl gang are going out together this year. Personally, I think everyone would get the costume and it would make for killer Insta pics.

Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum


Disney lovers ignite! Classic, cute and always acceptable at any Halloween party you choose to go to.

Comic Book Superheroes


This is taking girl power to a whole new level!

Three Blind Mice


Do you have any black in your wardrobe? Of course, you do. So throw some off, buy or make some cheap ears and get a mini cane for the night. Boomb. A $10 or less costume.

Dionne and Cher

As if #cluelesscostume #halloween #dionne #cher #killinit

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OMG , these are so perfect! I bet no one else would show up to the party looking like this!

Whether you’re in a small group of three or four, or a powerful pair of two, we have everything covered to get you noticed in the club or at the hottest house party. And the best part? Social media stardom because everyone’s gonna double tap for your sexy and funny pics.

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