How Celebs Are Joining Forces For The Victims Of The Vegas Shooting

Since the horrific events occurred two nights ago in Las Vegas the United States and the world have joined in unison to show their support for mankind. It’s oddly refreshing that no one has turned to bash another (aka President Trump) and are using their positive energy to send well wishes and support.

Members of the unofficial Vegas residencies club (past and present) are even showing their support, reflecting on their time on the strip.

And of course, the country music community is coming together to support their fans who were so badly affected, as well as their fellow artists who are just as shaken.

Marshmello, an electronic dance music producer and DJ who was scheduled to perform later that night at another Vegas hotel, cancelled his show following the attack to help maintain the safety of others.

The most touching/devastating tributes are being made by the artists that were there when the shootings began, giving us an insight to what actually happened. Jason Aldean made sure to assure fans (as well as confirm the news at the time) that he was in fact performing.

He later posted this after almost 24 hours since the shooting occured and after receiving many messages.

Over the last 24 hrs I have gone through lots of emotions. Scared, Anger, Heartache, Compassion and many others. I truely dont understand why a person would want to take the life of another. Something has changed in this country and in this world lately that is scary to see. This world is becoming the kind of place i am afraid to raise my children in. At the end of the day we arent Democrats or Republicans, Whites or Blacks, Men or Women. We are all humans and we are all Americans and its time to start acting like it and stand together as ONE! That is the only way we will ever get this Country to be better than it has ever been, but we have a long way to go and we have to start now. My heart aches for the Victims and their families of this Senseless act. I am so sorry for the hurt and pain everyone is feeling right now and there are no words i can say to to take that pain away. Just know u all are in my heart and my prayers as we all go through this together. Time to come together and stop the hate! #stopthehate #prayforlasvegas

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Meanwhile, Jake Owen and Chris Young, who were also there to perform before Jason Aldean had these emotional tweets.

If there’s one thing we learned from the shooting in Paris following Ariana Grande’s concert is that even in places that are supposed to be meant to be a safe and fun environment, things still happen. The death toll is at 59 and counting with over 527 injured. There were twenty-two thousand attendee’s in the audience who were also in line with the bullets. No person should ever go to a concert and never return home, or have to live with lifelong injuries.

As the conversation about the severity comes down as the world starts to heal, the conversation about gun control within the US has started. It’s slightly alarming to me that it took until this act of violence for people to genuinely believe in gun control and to believe that this is actually an issue. It always has been.

The shooter, Stephen Paddock, had 23 weapons on him at the time, including explosives in his car, and at least 19 at his home in Nevada. How the hell is this possible to have that many? And why on Earth is it so easy to collect these many deadly possessions? The sad part is that he’s not alone, many American’s share the same passion for guns even though they may not psychologically be in the state to own them (as proven in this scenario here).

And what says something to me about this persons motives is that he was most definitely mentally ill. As with every other massacre in US history (and even the one that’s ever happened in Canada’s existence), the gunman effortlessly killed others then finally killed himself. They wanted other innocent people to feel the hurt like they did, and they don’t care who you are. And that is sickening.

A survivor of the shooting, Rusty Dees said, “It takes the worst of America to also see the best of America. Everybody was helping each other.” But it shouldn’t have to be.

I certainly hope this is the wake up call the United States needs to have so we can finally see some much-needed changes.

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