Stop Thinking ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’ Is Just A Cliché

Ever wondered if your dreams were just dreams, or if those events you’ve remembered were actually reality? This confusion happens to me almost regularly. I wake up wondering if I was actually asleep, or not and the fun in it is choosing to believe.

With the years behind us, I’ve grown more interested in these wonders, these dream-memories. Whether or not those bad and good moments in my life were all there for a bigger purpose that I just can not understand yet. However, I’ve figured a few out.

You see, each hidden and obscured item and moment become unveiled at some point, and of course, with right reason. For instance, in a game show, the contestant is not allowed to know what lies behind door number 3 unless they complete the proper steps of revealing it. Get it? Despite the outcome of each event in our lives and believe me I hate writing this next line as much as you hate reading it, but


*rolling eyes that I just wrote that* but think about it:

I know there have been moments where we find ourselves asking, “why did this just happen, are you serious?” As we all do, we think about how we are going to fix things or how we can keep what we have going, forever. The world is full of failures, and we are bound to run into them from time to time, but they are always happening for us to learn, to observe.

2016, showed me many things: Happiness, growth, heartbreak, failure, courage, and adventure.

Happiness has shown me how to find the balance in my life, it has opened doors that I had feared to open. That brought growth to my life. By opening those doors, I grew as a writer, as a friend, and as a daughter. I found that because I hadn’t discovered those two elements before, it gave me heartbreak. Breaking away from old habits which were a multitude of things, failed relationships with friends and people I loved, the list could go on. However, I finally found the courage to stand up and be who I am, and with all of that, I’ve begun my adventure.

We are all passengers on this great adventurous ride. We have no idea where it will take us in the end but we do know that we can take a step back and see what we do know to take a chance at revealing what could lie ahead. I encourage each and every one of you to find your adventure too, leaves us a comment below if you have any adventures you want to tell us about! It took me twenty-two years to get here, but with the greatest lessons I could have learned along the way and I grow curious and more curious each day.

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