7 Genius Wine Hacks You Needed To Know Yesterday

If you’re anything like me, you might like to indulge after a long day, or week and have yourself a glass of wine, or maybe even a whole bottle. There is no shame in a wine lover’s game! And while we all may be knowledgeable on generic rules to drinking wine, there are some simple hacks we may not be aware of.

Don’t worry ladies, I have you covered. I’ll supply the tricks, you supply your own wine to experiment on.

1. How to chill your wine in 20 minutes

Grab a paper towel and soak it with cold water. Then wrap the piece around the bottle and place it in the freezer, preferably horizontally. Wine lasts longer when placed horizontally, so for best results try and angle it that way, if not vertically will still do the trick. After 20 long minutes take it out and enjoy that first sip.

2. How to chill your wine in 10 minutes

Although it does the job in less time, it’s more lengthy of a process. Pour a ice and cold water into an ice bucket, add salt, put the bottle in, and add more ice. By adding salt it helps melt the ice and reduces the freezing point of water. After 10 minutes it should be good to go! Please note it needs to be an ice bucket to work and you need to add a lot of ice. (I don’t recommend wine cubes for this process).

3. Make wine-cubes so your glass doesn’t get watered down

If you’re having people over for an event don’t be afraid to crack open one of the bottles early (or use boxed wine if you’re worried anyone will notice) and pour some into an empty ice cube tray. Pop that sucker into the freezer and let it cool. That way when you go to have a glass your wine will never get warm and watered down.

4. Use your key when you don’t have an opener

If you don’t have the luxury of having adult juice boxes, aka boxed wine, but don’t have a bottle opener, don’t fret! Grab a house or car key and insert it on an angle facing inward. Rotate the key clockwise around the entire bottle. Once it’s made its round, pull up and out. If you’re having troubles getting a grip, use a towel or a shirt to help.

5. If your cork breaks, use a coffee filter on your glass

If the cork somehow breaks (it happens to the best of us), place a coffee filter on top of the glass and pour. That way none of the broken pieces fall in and it’s literally filtered out. Obviously if the glass breaks too it will help, but be advised that the glass can cut the filter.

7. Add berries for a better taste (and to be fancy at events)

It’s simple, nothing says sophistication like adding something extra to look fancy and well put together. And well, millennial’s struggle with that to an extent, especially when they can’t get ahold of their mothers for advice. Cut up some strawberries and throw in some blueberries to your white wine and you’re golden. Or freeze grapes and put them in the colour-coordinating glass of wine.

With the ultimate Pinterest-worthy tips, you’ll be sure to impress your mom, aunts, friends and guests of all kinds with these fancy entertaining hacks! Who knows, girls nights with wine might happen a bit more once you share these secrets.

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