This Study Shows The Cities That Favor Plastic Surgery Trends

In a time where almost everything is fairly accessible, plastic surgery trends around the United States are not surprisingly on the rise. But have you ever wondered what states are more interested in getting lip injections, or to get their eyes done? Thanks to RealSelf, we now know.

In a national study, the researchers from the plastic surgery trend-watching site looked into numbers to find out which areas stood out for having much higher interest in different procedures when compared to the national average.

Let’s look at the numbers, shall we?

Breast Augmentation: Salt Lake City, UT sits at  48.5% higher interest, where Honolulu, HI comes in second with 41.3%. The places least interested in getting their boobs done was New York, NY, and Boston, MA.

Butt Augmentation: As if it’s no surprise, Miami, FL leads the pack at a whopping 93.7%! Second, third and fourth on the list come significantly further away at 40% (New York, NY), 39.9% (Memphis, TN) and 35.2% (Atlanta, GA).

Hair Loss Treatment: To be honest, I’d be interested to see if this test was more for women or for men because let’s be real, actual hair loss treatment is more common for men. New York, NY is home to a lot of hair loss specialists so no wonder why they place first at 31% and explains why Buffalo, NY came second. Surrounding places such as Philadelphia, PA and Washington DC are also higher up.

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction: If you could compile a list of the most surprising cities to make any spot on this list, this has to be it. Virginia has two spots on the list with Richmond in first at 23.3% and Norfolk tied for second at 20.4% with Cincinnati, OH. Other hotspots include Birmingham, AL, Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC.

Facelift: Much like the butt augmentation, the cities don’t come as much of a surprise, because basically, these cities are winter homes for older rich people who can afford two homes throughout the years. FT. Meyers, FL comes in at an all-time high 98%! Asheville, NC is 89.9%, West Palm Beach, FL is 89.9%, and Tampa and Jacksonville, FL are other hot spots. Basically, the state of Florida wants to be tighter.

Rhinoplasty: Hollywood hotspots around the country lead the pack, especially in Los Angeles, CA where 32.4% are interested in getting a new nose. New York, NY follows at 21.5%. But it’s places like Seattle, WA, and Detroit, MI that made it high on the list that makes you scratch your head and go, “huh?”

Lip Augmentation: If you’re interested in getting the Kylie Jenner treatment and plumping those lips a bit more, it appears you’re not alone. The city of Phoenix, AZ has 31.8% of people thinking the same thing! And of course, it feels like half of California feels the same. Probably because enough Kardashian and Jenner’s live throughout the state.

Would you say this list accurately describes your dream “if I could get plastic surgery I would get…” list and is accurate to where you are from? Or are you just not surprised by the cities reputations? (For some I can honestly say I’m not). Regardless, it’s pretty interesting, to say the least. For a full list of high-interest cities for plastic surgery, you can check the RealSelf research page here.

Featured image via weheartit.



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