5 Features Our Favorite Apps Need To Bring Back

Social media took the world by storm truly around 2007, and since then we’ve seen a few apps come into our hearts that aren’t going to leave anytime soon. Because millennials were at the impressionable age where we truly embraced social media, we’ve seen all the changes through the years. And as much as we love some updates, we miss a few features more than we thought we would at the time.

Instagram – Chronological Order

Let’s just get this off our chests, we miss a lot of things on Instagram simply because they just show things whenever they want to. It’s so frustrating. Plus I don’t want to look like a creeper (because I totally am) by liking a post from 4 days ago because I woke up seeing it first thing in the morning. Plus, you don’t know what’s relevant to me and my life, Instagram.

Tinder – Your Matches Last Logins

I loved this feature when I was seeing someone because I knew his lying butt was still talking to girls on the app while we were dating. “I deleted it.” Sure. Then why were you on 45 minutes before I got here? Liar. All in all, it was a handy way of keeping track of if you were being ghosted too.

Snapchat – Everyone’s Friends List

I’m going to admit it, I’m nosey and I want to know who’s hooking up with who, or who could be cheating. It’s great that you can see who you have mutual friends with and see who you’re a friend of, but I want to see the gossip. Is that too much to ask?

Instagram – Personalized Locations

I hate the fact that when I’m posting a throwback Thursday picture from when I was on my vacation and not be able to show where I was. I’m not at the Walmart down the street, I was on a beach in Florida sipping a slushie drink with vodka in it. Gosh.

Twitter – The Egg

I liked the egg. It was cute, it was punny because you just made your way to the birds’ nest. It was suitable and I hate this blank bs that’s going on now. Twitter, you need to make yourself relevant again, FIX IT. And while you’re at fixing your app, GIVE US A DAMN EDIT BUTTON PLEASE.

This was one long list of dreams and our favorite memories from the past few years. What I wouldn’t do to bring them all back. But seriously, Twitter needs an edit button. Otherwise, bring these oldies back and keep doing what you’re doing!

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