The Brightening Powders You Need To Have For Your Skin

In the world of makeup, it’s tough to find products you want to put on your face that is actually good for your face. Sometimes you might be passionate about the product but it just doesn’t fit your skin tone, or it goes against your morals with the kind of testing the company performs. That’s where Besame comes in.

I’ve been experimenting with their brightening powders, desperate to find one that fits my skin tone, because you know, everyone needs to have some glow. I go from porcelain doll to Greek Goddess in the matter of 2 days in the sun; I’m half Scottish and half Greek, my skin literally goes from one extreme to the other so finding a color is very difficult.

I tried a few of their different brightening powders in hopes to find that perfect shade. Here’s my review of what I thought of what they offer. And let me tell you, all of their products smell exactly what their name is, they’re finely milled, gluten-free, and paraben-free.

Vanilla Powder

It covered my slight redness and evened out my skin tone effortlessly. It was a bit pale for my tanned skin that I have for summer, but come November when my tan fades, it’ll be perfect for my normal pasty skin. I would say it’s ideal for light to medium skin.

French Vanilla

Finally, a product that’s perfect for Olive skin tones! The struggle is always real, but this product was so easy! Again, it color corrects the skin, and it suited my skin tone perfectly! If you have olive skin like myself (or at least for the summer anyway) or medium skin, I would highly recommend this product!

Vanilla Chai

Out of all the ones I tried, this would have to be my least favorite. Let me explain why, it was simply too dark for my skin tone, even when I’m at my darkest. It has a cocoa tint to help neutralize your skin, but it just didn’t do anything for my skin tone. For anyone with darker skin, I would have to say this would be your go-to.

Vanilla Rose

Before I begin, this powder smells so classy to wear, very subtle as well. It contains a slight pink tint, and green and blue tones in the skin, all helpful for color correction. Unlike Vanilla Chai, this is definitely more similar to the Vanilla Powder regarding skin tone.

Violet Powder

If you find yourself in need to correct yellow and red skin and need help with your under eyes circles, this is your product. I don’t feel like your skin tone necessarily would matter with this particular powder, only because I found I didn’t need to put that much on to see a result.

They all felt incredibly light to wear on the face to the point where you forget you’re even wearing it. All the products lasted a majority of the day without needing to be touched up or adjusted. And they all smell absolutely delicious! They also come with an adorable powder puff that makes you feel like an old soul when applying.

Every single powder this company offers make a noticeable difference without having to apply very much. Everything is so minimal, which to me, makes a huge difference. I don’t want to beat it on, or accidentally put too much on when applying. Plus, there’s something sophistically sexy and nostalgic about using your powder with a tiny puff in the mirror. I give Besame a big thumbs up!

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