11 Fashion Trends That Need To Come Back Again This Winter

Winter fashion is the best. Who doesn’t enjoy getting to wear warm, baggy sweaters, and getting cozy next to a fire? Personally, for me, women’s winter fashion is my all-time favourite type of fashion. I love everything about it, and as a Canadian girl, I definitely have got to experience winter fashion to its fullest extent. Therefore, here are some of my favorite 2016/2017 winter fashion trends that NEED to come back again for the 2017/2018 winter.

1. Blanket Scarves

2. Turtle necks

3. Sweater Dresses

4. Knee-high/thigh-high heel boots

5. Grandpa Socks and low boots

6. Bomber Jackets

7. Cold-Shoulder Blouses

8. Oversized sweaters

9. Beanies

10. Overalls

11. Deep Green Clothing Colors

The 2016/2017 winter had some of my most favourite fashion items compared to any other year. There is nothing more enjoyable than experiencing walking into a store and wanting to buy the majority of it! There were many other trends that I enjoyed, but these were some of my favorites. I strongly believe that these 11 trends should return for the 2017/2018 winter!

Featured image via Lauren Riihimaki.


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