14 Things He Was To Me That I Miss Every Day

He was a smile as contagious as the flu. It could make you go weak at the knees the moment it appears. His smile never stopped. And although he may have been self-conscious about it for a number of reasons, it was my favorite physical feature about him that rarely left.

He was a hand that would never stop moving. Sitting still was something he couldn’t do very well by any means. He always had to be busy, and if he wasn’t he would go crazy. Hardworking was a good way to describe him. And his efficiency in anything he did was consistent and impeccable.

He was an uncomfortable laugh. He either got caught in the act of doing something he didn’t want to be caught doing or is having a conversation where all he can mutter out is an awkward laugh while he thinks about what he wants to say. As frustrating it could be to hear that stupid chuckle, I knew it meant he was coming clean to something. The truth is all I wanted and the truth was all I ever got.

He was a smirk that you always wanted to slap off his face. A shit eating grin that indicated he was up to no good. Yet no matter how hard you tried to wipe it off his face and get to the bottom of his mind, you couldn’t. And it would eventually cause you to laugh and throw your hands in the air to surrender. Yet, you always got to the bottom of it after chiseling away at him for a bit.

He was an ear that could listen forever. No matter who it was, he was there to help. He may not have been a man who thought he couldn’t come up with something good to say, in which he often did. He could listen to you go for hours and absorb every word like a sponge and remember it months later. His presence could make you feel better.

He was as indecisive as a child. Could never pick what cereal he wanted, or what clothes to wear when going out with his friends. He desperately would seek the advice or opinion of others to ensure he was making the right decision. But he could never decide on me.

He was a tree of a man. Stood firm on his roots, and anchored into the world he wants to be in. Growing tall, surrounding those he loves around him with shelter and a protecting embrace. Lounging with that tree was my favorite thing to do when I needed a peaceful escape from the world on a lazy day.

He was as silent as the wind. You could always tell he was present, often times cold when he didn’t mean to be and was crippling at times due to the storms he would create with his demons.

He was as painful to deal with like a cavity. If you had a tooth that couldn’t resist the taste of sweet candy, you couldn’t resist him. And with that came plenty of ups and downs. No matter how frustrating and difficult he was to deal with, you just couldn’t seem to not have him anymore, even when you know he’s not good for you.

He was an alarm clock. A grumpy alarm clock. Often an early riser who wasn’t able to sleep in as much as he tried, he hated the mornings. Staying secluded from the world until he was ready to make his appearance. If there was one thing someone learned quickly with him, it was that he was not a morning person.

He was as passionate as a first kiss. He loved life and everything in it, even in his darkest times. He radiated positive energy and everyone always waited in anticipation for his arrival; similar to the moments before a first kiss.

He was a warrior. He overcame obstacles many other people would fall victim to. Yet, he never gave up, powered through them and always succeeded. Defeat was never an option for him, and he always kept fighting.

He was as loyal, as kind, as loving and as brave than anyone else I have ever met. You can’t buy anything to keep a person like that in your life. When a chemistry like the one you’d be lucky enough to have with him is that great, you pray to keep onto that for as long as you can.

He was my best friend and better half. And there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t miss him with all my heart.

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