Start Your Day With A New Jam By Zayn And Sia

It’s been four months since Zayn has released any new music, and this week he decided to treat fans with a new single and a sexy new video. And this time he’s decided to team up with Sia for the track.

The video is a tad different than other ones he’s done as a solo artist. Traditionally Zayn tends to encoporate his passion of artwork in his video’s. Maybe he was so insipred by the video he did with Taylor Swift for the ’50 Shades of Grey’ soundtrack he’s going to continue to keep the vibe going.

The video isn’t meant to be sexy, but Zayn could drink water and it be extremely sexy. Trust me, I was four seats away from him at a concert once and saw him do it. I almost fainted at the sight of his natural beauty. But the rugged Bradford Bad Boy coming out in him in this video is attractive to watch.

In terms of the lyrics it’s about being there with someone, seeing the natural beauty and the true colours of someone throughout the night and in the wee hours of the morning. The video might not be as artistic as Zayn usually is, but the lyrics make up for it. The song sounds more like the music Sia’s been producing lately rather than Zayn’s usual sound, but it still fits him like an Armani suit-with perfection.

Plus he and Sia sing in harmony beautifully together. I didn’t expect them to sound so good together because traditionally I thought of Sia’s raspier voice. But she was nailing those high notes as good as he can for most of the song. This is by far one of his best collaborations yet!

It’s indie, its explosive, it’s sultry and it’s the type of song you stay up to  the wee hours of the morning listening to with your friends while you talk about life. I’m not expecting it to go high on the charts, but I’m sure it’ll get a lot of radio play and a lot of hits on Spotify.



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