The Gift A Groom Found From His Late Wife Will Bring You To Tears

Just two weeks before their wedding day John Polo, 31, lost his bride to be Michelle, 30, to terminal cancer. And one week later he found the surprise he’d waited to see for what felt like lifetimes; his beautiful wife in her dream dress. An image he never got the chance to see.

While in utter shock and disbelief by the beauty of his newfound hidden gem, he took to Facebook to create a post about his experience, sharing the photograph with what started to be friends and family, but turned into the entire world.

Warning: Grab the tissues.

That's my wife. In her wedding dress. A wedding dress that I never got to see her in. We were married at the…

Posted by Better Not Bitter Widower on Thursday, August 31, 2017

A month after Michelle died back in 2016, John started a blog called ‘Better Not Bitter Widower’. He told PEOPLE that writing has helped him connect with other widowers who have helped him through the grieving process.

The viral Facebook post has thousands of comments full of well wishes, widows/widowers sharing their own experiences, and even touching photoshopped pictures of Michelle in different wedding venue’s so John could have a better image of what the day would have looked like.

The couple first met in 2002 in high school where they dated, broke up after a year, and reunited 8 years later where they began dating again.

In July 2013, they discovered Michelle had proximal-type epithelioid sarcoma, a rare form of cancer than kills 50 to 70 percent of patients within five years. So they decided to have a quick courthouse ceremony, unsure if she would even make it through the surgery.

The cancer returned three years later and spread to her liver, lung, ovary, and tailbone. That’s when the couple planned to have a larger, second wedding in February 2016. She refused for her husband to see her in her dress before the big day, but was bedridden long before the time would even come close.

And although her passing may have been over a year ago, the impact of a touching story is what keeps this story alive. It makes us believe that little miracles happen every day and that we can always have our wishes come true with the help and reminders from our angels up in Heaven.

Featured Image via Better Not Bitter Widower.




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