Here’s How To Find The Path To Happiness

Have you ever felt so happy you can hardly contain yourself? Yeah, that’s me today. Now that the summer is here in full swing and that school really is over for me, it’s time to evaluate how it all went and plan out what all is going to happen. You ready?

First things first: evaluate!

This is one of my favorite things to do and the reason why is because we can reflect on the good and bad of the week. Lately, I’ve found myself in a realllllyyyy long slump and it was so hard to find my happy spot. I’m sure you all can relate to this. What do you do to fix it? I first try to take a shower, grab some ice cream, read some inspirational words and turn on a movie. But, that’s never enough. Something is usually missing and it’s not about the material things that can help us. *Secret: this is where the evaluation part comes in:

  1. Target where you are hurting: head, heart, stomach etc. Each of these places actually reflects how we feel. Head=frustration Heart= self explanatory Stomach= anxiety.
  2. Think about why you feel that way
  3. Find the positive

Moving forward, we have analyzed the situation and now it’s time to make the plan.

  1. Take the toxins out of your life. Things that will hurt you and drag you down.
  2. Make it a goal to add something new to your daily/weekly routine (new food, new place, make a new friend!).
  3. Have fun. You can’t be happy if you sit in the dumps. If this step is not 100% then you won’t be either

Realizing how amazing we are is very important! We can get caught in all the mess of our day to day lives and it’s hard to find our happy place again. From overloads at work, heartaches, drama, bills ect., getting lost is normal. Don’t feel like you’re alone.  We will always fall but we get back up. Be happy, have adventures, be amazing.

*Bonus* Check out this diary entry I found about my trip to the happiest place on  Earth a few years back:

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