Why Knowing The Villains’ Side Can Change Your Perspective

If you were asked, “Who is your favorite Disney character?” What would be your answer? Cinderella? Snow White? Sleeping beauty, perhaps? Or Belle?

Mine was Princess Jasmine – until I saw Maleficent. The great villain of an epic sleeping beauty. Remember how our parents told us to be kind, show compassion, and always be humble like the princesses? But why did they never mention the villain?

Recently, Disney has been showing our favorite, much familiar tale in a whole a new perspective, the villain. We got to see and experience the hurt, the pain, and the betrayal the villains once felt. So what does it mean to us and to our society? 

It is quite disappointing that our society has always regarded “bad” as bad and “good” as good. Yet, what about the gray area? People are complex, we both have a bad side and good side. We choose to let one side dominate the other. Many times, we make the choice as a result of a certain sequence of situations. It is the combinations of our actions, actions of others, and our environment. When we talked about the villains, we were told not to be like them, yet we were never taught about how to deal with the certain situation to not be like one. I think it is time that our society should accept that life is not only black and white, good and bad. It is time we understand that no one is born as a villain or bad person but instead are made that way due to the situations that they find themselves in and the environment they were exposed to.

Everyone has a past. Everyone has a chapter they don’t like to talk about and that’s totally fine. It doesn’t matter what was being done to us, but how we reacted to it is really what matters. The choices we make will make a difference. You might be bullied and as a result, you might become bitter or you might choose to fight back. It won’t be easy, but living in fear and disappointment is much worse. After all, that’s what differentiates a hero from a villain. We tend to make the wrong choices at times but that doesn’t make us a bad person. We may have faced betrayals or heartbreak, but we don’t have to seek revenge. Sometimes, all we need to do is to be able to take control of our pain and hurt.

Disney taught us that heartbreak is inevitable, however, it also taught us that at the end love will always find its way. Maybe it’s just not the time but that doesn’t mean we should lose hope. Be true to yourself. Show kindness and compassion to everyone because just like they don’t know your story, you also don’t know theirs. We are living in a world filled with brokenness, you may not know how a small act of kindness may save a princess from becoming a villain. The difference between heroes and villains is our ability to learn and accept our past.

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