Why You Shouldn’t Skip A Vacation Every Few Months

Everyone goes on a vacation every once in awhile, whether it be with family, friends or solo. These trips, or even staycations, are really way more important that we tend to believe. I mean, yes, a break from work/school/life can be what keeps us sane from time to time; but don’t let those little vacay opportunities pass you by. Here are a few reasons why you truly NEED those vacations when they come along (or some excuses to take them when you need them):

Re-evaluate your choices and make new ones

Every once in awhile we tend to make decisions we don’t 100 percent believe in, we guess. We try to make everything perfect and continue to live a happy life, but what we don’t realize is that each choice affects you in some way. For an example, education. Education is one of the hardest things to choose and although we may believe there is a deadline for when you can go, there really isn’t. So wait, do not jump right into the first option that pops into your head, get away from everything and take a minute to think.


Family, friends, familiar places, work, routines, these are all things we need to get away from at time to time. So take some space, go away, by yourself and just RELAX!! I always find tension builds when you are always with the same people and your judgement starts to cloud, so what’s better than a few days to yourself, and yourself only!


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Because sometimes you just need a little breath of fresh air. You need to get away from the hustle and bustle of life to be able to be in tune with yourself. Escaping from your everyday life will not only rejuvenate you, it can also recharge and get you more pumped for what’s ahead. A great escape can also give you the time and luxury to be able to do the things you have been wanting to do but have been putting off. So go ahead, read that romantic novel, write on your favorite journal, feel the sand on your feet and swim with the waves!

To Discover New Things

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What better way to discover new and beautiful things that may just be around the corner than to go on vacation? I have been out on vacation for the past month and I have seen such beautiful wonders. Just in the past week, I have learned how to shoot a bow in arrow, I have gone to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and checked out sea otters (on my bucket list to see the cutest sea critters!), and swam on a beach with a shipwreck in sight!

If any of these six remarkable reasons behind why you need a vacation sang to you then… go. Start planning, you need it. You can plan a trip, you can just get up and go, or you can change your entire life. Those options are for you to decide. With any way you choose it to be, just remember that you deserve it and that everything that is supposed to come or supposed to happen… will.  Splurge on yourself, celebrate life and learn about who you are. Then your life will be transformed into a life that lives and breathes vacation. Just note that when it does, we take a small amount of credit! Happy Vacation Time!

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