What You Need To Know About Being An Ambitious Woman In College

There's nothing wrong with a color coded life.

There seems to be a stigma these days about what it means to be young and ambitious, especially for women. Going after your dreams, staying busy, and knowing what you want can be seen as scary. Intimidating. Unapproachable, even. But, why is that?

What’s so bad about having a perfectly color coded and full-time schedule in a planner that never leaves my side? No, it’s not extra. It’s necessary. How else do you keep your classes, activities, volunteer groups, friend outings, and coffee supply trips in order without being late and losing track?

There’s never a moment to spare, so a girl has to keep count of her precious time.

My lack of extra minutes doesn’t mean I’m crazy, though. A little micromanaging, maybe, but nothing too insane. In fact, there are countless girls around the country who, like me, are constantly on the move.

We get up every morning and have to go. We take more classes than we should, find ourselves on every board we can possibly connect with and are in a constant stream of revving our resumes and applying for another internship or job. It’s the only life we know.

We’re constantly improving through so many interviews they’ve become second nature, we can write cover letters front to back, and the word “volunteer” is practically tattooed on our foreheads. What seems like so much work to others has become part of the ambitious girl’s identity.

Ambitious girls lead the most rewarding lives I think. What’s the point of living life kicking back and never going after what you want? Where’s that going to get you? Every day, ambitious girls are striving to get better. The more activities we participate in and the more we push ourselves academically, simply means the more we build our repertoire for success. I don’t want to live a life that isn’t filled to the brim with things I’m passionate about. And I certainly don’t want to accept not putting everything I have into all of them.

That’s what ambitious girls do.

Those passions are going to lead each of us to amazing things in the life. Our well thought out plans may not always go exactly how we scheduled, but we’ll always be ahead of those who didn’t even think to join volunteer groups or make academic commitments, let alone color code them in their planner. There may only be so much we can control, but the one thing we know we have a handle on is our futures.

We don’t question our success. We just know we’ve worked hard enough to get there. So go ahead, spend all of your nights kicking back and taking it easy. You can live your life that way. In fact, we’ll be doing the same when we’ve finally made it. And where will the ambitious girl be in the end?

Wherever she wants.

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