Why You Should Give Country Music A Chance

I’m about to say something that might make some readers close their computers, shaking their heads in shame and terror. I’m about to say something that might make some of you hate me. But I don’t care. And here it is:

I love country music.

If I haven’t lost you yet, let me tell you why.

First of all, I’m not 100% sure how country music got the bad rep that it has. It might have something to do with the classic country music sound – the strumming of the banjo, the twang in the singer’s voice, the lyrics about sitting on a porch in the sunset. Or, it might have something to do with the stereotype that the only people who listen to country music are hillbillies who wear overalls and chew on weeds.

I’m here to tell you: that’s so wrong.

Listen, a lot more people listen to country music than you may realize. That really smart, bookish girl might have Luke Bryan blaring in her headphones in the library. That guy you lift with at the gym might be blasting Carrie Underwood in his car after a good session at the gym. The guy you have a crush on might be singing along to Brett Eldredge or Chris Stapleton or Kenny Rogers or Sam Hunt or Tim McGraw or Blake Shelton or George Strait or Willie Nelson or literally any musical artist that might have you shuddering.

And, wouldn’t you much rather listen to someone croon about sitting on a tailgate, sipping a beer, and laughing with a girl – just knowing they’re falling in love – instead of listening to someone yell about f*cking b*tches in a club and taking them home and spanking them and then leaving them? Wouldn’t you rather listen to someone sing about going to a party and drinking with your friends instead of formulated, automated pop lyrics about going to the mall?

Plus, y’all weren’t hating country music when Taylor Swift was singing about how her love is a slamming screen door and sneaking out late, tapping on your window… Because yeah, she started out as a country artist. She even won some major awards for it.

Look, I’m not here to judge any other genre of music or even you liking said genre (even though that’s what you all do to me).

I’m just suggesting giving country music a chance.

There are many reasons to like country music – diverse instruments, unique guitar riffs, beautiful lyrics, many different styles, etc.

But here’s why I personally love country music so much.

I’ve always liked it. I was raised on Garth Brooks, and so it’s always been in my blood. But when I got to a point with my depression that getting out of bed was hard, I would turn on music to help invigorate me and get me ready for my day. Pop music was too peppy, rap was too hard to sing along to, and rock was just…not really my thing.

So I would put on country music. And that’s what started getting me out of bed every morning.

Country music made me believe in music therapy – it can literally change my mood with just a few songs by my favorite artists. It makes me happy when I’m down. It makes me want to sing along to the radio. It gets me pumped. It’s beautiful and fun and makes me believe in myself.

It’s okay to say, “you know, you’re right, but country music isn’t really for me.” I can respect that. But to hate on country music without even really giving it a chance? You’re just missing out on a great new world, my friends.

Try it, you might like it.

Featured Image via Sam Hunt



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